6 Simple Landscaping Ideas to Update Your Property

Are you looking to make some changes in your yard, but are unsure where to start? Revamping a landscape may feel like a daunting project, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 6 simple landscaping ideas to help you get started on creating your dream yard! After all, spring is here, and most of us are ready to start all of those new projects we’ve been thinking about all winter.

landscaping ideas

Landscaping Ideas We Love

The design for your yard is only limited to your imagination, but we can all use some inspiration. Check out these ideas – we think you’ll love them as much as we do.

  1. Lead the Way: A garden path is an excellent way to control foot traffic through your yard, give visitors a mini-tour of your garden, and offer ease of access for maintenance. Flagstone acts as a durable, natural, non-slip surface, while gravel provides a less expensive alternative. Both come in a variety of sizes and colors for endless design possibilities! To add a more personal touch to a short footpath, consider creating your own paving stones by pouring quick-dry concrete into a mold such as a cardboard box, five-gallon pail, or old plant pot saucers. Get creative with decoration items like broken pottery, sea glass, glass marbles, and more!
  2. Borders and Edges: Keep transition zones between beds, lawns, and paths tidy with crisp borders. A low flagstone wall creates an aesthetically-pleasing natural border around a raised bed to keep grass and weeds out – and soil in. Simple plastic or metal edging guides guests along established paths as they wander your garden as well as prevent weed encroachment on stone or gravel paths.
  3. Think Outside (or above) the Garden Bed: No room for garden beds? Maximize the space you have with vertical planters. This method upcycles old furniture to create beautiful, unique displays. Stand pots on the rungs of an old wooden ladder, hang planters from fences, upended pallets or suspended chicken wire, or plant succulents and moss in old picture frames. The possibilities are limited only to the gardener’s imagination.
  4. Follow the Rule of Threes: Interior designers know that the human eye finds arrangements of odd numbers (especially threes) appealing and balancing to a design. Apply this concept in small yards with limited space, or to add a decorative element to an existing garden– place planters, urns, or other objects in groups of three with varying heights. These arrangements will naturally draw the attention of all your visitors!
  5. Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers: A basic rule for an exciting garden container is to plant thrillers, fillers, and spillers together. Thrillers are statement pieces, adding pops of color and vertical variation. With summer approaching, excellent heat-thriving thrillers include Canna lilies, Salvia, and Angelonia. Fillers, as the nickname implies, fill bare areas in the container and add depth. There are numerous options for summer Florida fillers, like ferns, the African bush daisy or bachelor’s buttons.  Spillers add an exciting cascade of foliage, and thus are often a species of creeping plant or vine. Some spillers to try are sweet potato vine or English Ivy.
  6. Pops of Color: A bit of color can go a long way. Consider painting planters, tables, and chairs with a fresh coat—bright colors can draw the eye to a previously-unnoticed corner, or a different stain can give new life to wood elements. Deliberately choose the colors of flowers in your garden for a more complementary appearance: cool colors for a soothing backyard oasis, or warmer colors to excite and draw attention to specific areas.

For more unique landscaping ideas and inspiration, you need only stroll through one of Big Earth Landscape Supply‘s four locations. We have everything you need to turn your home into a showplace this season.