Turn Your Planters into Garden Art

Those who love to garden know that it is a labor of love. But gardens are no longer only purely functional, and they no longer are restricted to flower beds!

Today’s gardens allow true freedom of expression, imagination manifested through a living canvas.

With color, design – and often, a bit of whimsy – you can transform your traditional yard and garden into a uniquely personal oasis.

Garden art is all the rage in the Tampa area, and these are some of our favorite ideas to make your yard special.

Antique Architectural Elements

From Roman-style columns to old washbasins and pitchers, gardeners from Tampa to Sarasota are turning to antique-inspired elements in order to create their space.

Fountains and birdbaths can be used for their intended purpose, or filled with vibrant seasonal flowers; while bathtubs, grecian-style urns and pottery make for elegant planters which evoke a sense of history and nostalgia.


Everyday Re-Purposing

Items ordinarily found indoors make for surprising and quaint garden planters.

Imagine an old desk with flowers growing from each drawer, or a bicycle leaned up against a tree, with ivy spilling from its basket.

These elements work beautifully on lanais, patios, and in sun rooms if you don’t have a yard.

Kitschy Inspiration

Embrace your quirkiness! Do you collect frogs? Find unique and oddball frog statues or containers and populate your garden.

Love shoes? Fill with dirt and create amazing and unexpected garden planters on your patio.

Use your imagination, and show off your kitsch!


Beautiful Hang-Ups

Hanging gardens in creative containers is one of the most popular gardening trends today. Some of our favorite garden art includes rows of colorful, patterned rain boots filled with flowers hung from the back fence, or small buckets painted with inspirational quotes and sayings and overflowing with trailing vines.

Hanging garden planters are also perfect for herb gardens!

Landscape Is Art

At Big Earth Landscape Supply, we believe that your yard and property is one huge canvas. Pavers, pebbles, rocks and mulch are all art supplies in your hands.

When creating a container garden, don’t forget all of the surrounding areas; and how many of these ground materials can even further beautify your yard.

The beauty of using decorative containers for garden art is that your space because uniquely yours.

Your style and personality shines through, whether it be classical or corny.

At Big Earth Landscape Supply, we are here to help you with all of your landscaping needs, even if you are looking to indulge your artistic side!