Most popular Fundraising Mulches

Selling Bagged Mulch is a Great Way to Raise Money!

Organizations like Schools, Sports Teams, Booster Clubs, Churches and Boy Scouts have realized the benefit of selling bagged mulch. Now, it’s time for your organization to give it a try! Below, we have provided more information to help you understand how selling mulch can benefit your group.

The Spring and Fall seasons are the most popular time to install mulch in Florida. Pick a date approximately 6 weeks prior to the start of the season and work from there. Saturdays are the most popular, not only for your customers to pick up or receive delivery, but also to garner the most help for mulch distribution. 

While Mini Pine Bark, Brown Mulch, Cypress Mulch and Red Mulch are our most popular mulches, we can help you determine which mulches will sell best in your area and whether you should focus on one type or multiple. 

The profit is easily the greatest benefit of a mulch sale. Most organizations mark up the price of the bag 25-50% or more. Offering additional services like delivery or installation greatly benefit the overall profit too. 

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. -Tony Robbins

It is imperative to set a goal for your mulch sale. Whether your group is made up of 10 people or you have a football team of 100, goals help your organization propel towards a common objective. Developing a game plan can keep everyone on the same track.

  • Determine how much money you want to raise
  • Translate that into the equivalent of bags you need to sell
  • Break it down by organization member
  • Assign all members to sell “at least” X quantity

Immediately begin advertising your fundraiser to family, friends, co-workers and supporters of your organization. We can help with photos of the products, which can be circulated on a flyer, social media or via email. 

We suggest you get very well acquainted with Microsoft Excel. Using a spreadsheet to track your mulch sales, will allow you to organize customer name, location, mulch type and bag quantity very easily. If you need help with a spreadsheet template, just ask!

We will deliver bagged mulch to one location via flatbed truck and unload using a forklift. A large parking lot, like a church, school or athletic complex provides enough space for our truck and your distribution operation. Once all mulch is received in one location, you can distribute by:

  • Customer Pick Up – Drive Thru Style
  • Delivery – A great way to raise more money for your organization!

All hands on deck! Before your sale even begins, start asking for help and securing volunteers with pick up trucks or trailers (or both!). When planned accordingly, delivery can be very successful. Route your delivery map prior to day of delivery to work out any logistic problems and ensure a smooth delivery process.

Tip: Assign teams that consist of the driver of the truck/ trailer and 2-3 volunteers to unload the bags at each delivery location. 

Assign one person from your organization to spearhead the operation. This individual will act as the chairperson and point of contact for the sale by guiding the goal, tracking sales and coordinating delivery and distribution.

YES! Most home and business owners use mulch in their landscapes and install a fresh application annually. Hosting your sale year after year will help with retention and recognition. 

TIP: Keep track of your buyers! When the time comes for your next sale, you will want to revisit customers who have purchased from you in the past. 

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