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Yeti Trax: Myco

Planting, Transplanting, or Repotting?

Myco Trax is a soil additive that includes products to reduce transplant shock, improve root establishment, and retain moisture around the roots. Also, Myco Trax contains mycorrhizae, beneficial bacteria, Trichoderma, and humic acid all which work in harmony to ensure a healthy plant. Use it on anything you plant.

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Yeti Trax Liquid Plant Health


Yeti Trax: Liquid

Liquid nutrient boost 

A liquid blend of soluble humic acid, sea kelp, and amino acids that combine to enhance soils and stimulate plant biology. Liquid Trax is designed for use on all plants and turf types to stimulate root growth.

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Big Earth Supply Yeti Trax Bio


Yeti Trax: Bio

Struggling Plants? Strengthen and Revitalize Existing Roots

Bio Trax is a water soluble powder perfect for revitalizing plants. Use it as a root drench, foliar spray, or ground injection to increase nutrient uptake, improve plant health, and strengthen roots.

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Yeti Trax Terra Turf Establishment


Yeti Trax: Terra

Laying sod? 

Terra Trax is a soil amendment and root stimulant for use on new turf that helps stimulate root growth and enhance establishment. You do not want to lay sod without Terra Trax!

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