Repel Mosquitoes with Container Plants

Mosquito bites don’t just leave you itchy and scratchy, but they also carry harmful viruses.

The easy way to deal with this problem is to go hunting for mosquito repellents, but the natural way to deal with this is not just harmless but also eco-friendly.

There are quite a few plants that ward off not just mosquitos but many other insects.

Creeping Lemon Thyme

Lemon Thyme is a popular herb because of its culinary uses; it attracts bees so it’s good for pollination and it is great for ground cover. It is a small evergreen shrub. They require lots of sun, well-drained soil and not a lot of irrigation. Of all the thyme varieties it’s considered to be the best where repelling mosquitoes is concerned.


This plant contains a special oil that is a natural mosquito repellent. Rosemary is great for adding flavor to dishes, and you can keep it indoors or out. You can make your natural repellent by mixing four drops of rosemary essential oil with ¼ cup of olive oil and store it in a cool & dry place. Be sure to test it before using.


On top of its mosquito repelling qualities, it has numerous topical benefits. These are used to decrease diaper rash, skin discoloration due to scarring, reduce dermatitis, bruises and heal cuts. These plants are easy to grow and don’t require lot of maintenance.


Basil is the ultra-herb, and you can use it for treating many conditions, ranging from worm infections to intestinal gas, to loss of appetite.

It has a strong aroma which prevents the mosquitoes from coming near them. You can also rub some basil leaves on your body to keep mosquitoes at bay.


Lavender has an amazing smell and calming sensation. It’s not just beautiful to look at, but its pleasant fragrance keeps mosquitoes far away. These can be planted in the garden or pots placed near all entrance ways.


Peppermint oils are known for their cooling sensation and calming effects; it can also help bad breath and digestive issues. It repels mosquitoes when applied to the body. It was found in a research study that mosquito larvae are killed after 24-hour exposure to the peppermint oil and water.


These beautiful scented plants are yet another way of keeping mosquitoes away. These plants prefer warm, sunny and dry climates, but when in cold areas they can be grown in planters.

Lemon-scented geranium is ideal for repelling pests.


This plant doesn’t just scare away mosquitoes, but its bright colors attract butterflies and hummingbirds. It grows upright, and the blooms are usually pink, red, yellow, orange, or purple. These can be grown in small or medium-sized pots.

It is always easy to find products at a store for instant relief, but the comfort comes at a big price. It is never a good idea to introduce foreign chemicals into your life.

Container Gardening is not just eco-friendly but it is also great for stress relief.

Plus, it’s a great way to spruce up outdoor living spaces with vegetation and eye catching containers.