Achieve Pinterest Success This Weekend With Stepping Stones & Flagstone

There are many different approaches to creating a beautiful yard. Some prefer an expanse of green grass, others a yard full of flowers and trees. Many homeowners love the idea of a completely manicured outdoor area, while others dream of a wild, colorful garden. But whatever your idea of the perfect yard, chances are that stepping stones may be a beautiful addition. This design element can be either elegant or whimsical, and infuse a unique touch which is sure to inspire and delight you and your guests. Big Earth Landscape Supply has a selection of stepping stones which can help you to attain your yard design goals.

Stepping stones generally come in two basic styles. For a more uniform look, you can choose square or round stones in a variety of colors (often white, neutral/beige stone, or red). You may also choose a flagstone design, which utilizes asymmetrical and uniquely shaped stones to create a path or walkway which speaks directly to your personality.

Stepping Stone & Flagstone Designs

  • Lead the Way: Hidden alcoves and private spaces are popular with those who have irregular lawns with nooks and crannies. Set up a stone patio for reading, relaxing, or meeting with friends, add a fire-pit and lead your guests to it with a matching stone flagstone walkway. Not only does the stone create a beautiful welcome to your space, but it keeps feet dry and away from bugs, mud, and moisture.


  • Structured Elegance: Geometric stepping stones provide functional duty while adding simple, classic design elements to your yard or home. Even and measured, these stones allow for symmetrical looks which are impossible with irregular options.


Create a Faux Riverbed

  • River rocks are perfect for draining rainwater, and also provide a wonderful landscaping option. Adding grasses, wildflowers, architectural elements or garden columns will add to the natural, rugged look of your backyard – but the rocks themselves can be tough to walk on. Add a flagstone pathway nestled in the rocks to keep the ambiance but include ease and functionality.
  • Get Creative & Colorful: Use your stepping stones as a canvas, and add paint, beads, or even broken glass to create a uniquely personal backyard space. Have your children and grandchildren each create a stone, or memorialize loved ones. The design options are basically endless, and truly only limited to your own imagination.
  • Light Up Your Yard: Not only does this flagstone walkway beautifully lead you safely from one place to another, but it is a gorgeous addition to your landscaping. While it may take some time to find the perfect stones, the overall effect is of cohesion and geometry. Once coated with a glow-in-the-dark paint or stain, the walkway will light up the night with no electricity required.

Make your yard more walkable – and more beautiful – with stepping stones and flagstones from Big Earth Landscape Supply. We have been helping Tampa area homeowners to accessorize their yards for decades, and we have hundreds of ideas to inspire you. Search online for design ideas, then come into your local location to shop and pick up your supplies.