5 Awesome Gardening Ideas for Small Spaces

Gardening is a relaxing and inspiring way to beautify your home, but let’s face it – not everyone has a large yard or garden bed to work with. The good news is, that no matter the size of your space, you can use a bit of creativity to delve into gardening.

Here are just a few ideas we love to turn even the smallest of spaces into a living oasis of flowers, plants and artistic expression.

Look No Further Than Your Window Sill:

If you live in an apartment or condo, you may not have any actual yard or green space to garden with. Start small with a windowsill garden which exhibits your personality – be it wildflowers, cacti, or green plants. Find whimsical containers for an eclectic look, or color coordinated vases for a more sleek décor.

Vary the sizes and heights for interest and depth. Window boxes are another option, and allow you to grow a wide variety of tropical flowers that exude a Tampa area vibe.

Use the Walls to Grow Vertical:

If you don’t want to give up precious lanai or patio space for potted plants, you can use old wood palettes leaned up against the wall to created a tiered herb garden, or a shoe organizer to grow a colorful flower garden.

Shelves, trellises and pergolas can also add flowering beauty without taking up floor space.

Keep Things on the Level:

You can make a small space appear to have more depth by creating levels. Place tall plants along the back, either in pots or in narrow beds. Add rows and tiers of color-coordinated flowers that clearly differentiate each level, which allows for density without looking too crowded.

Nestle chairs into the plants with a large table in the center to give the appearance of plenty of floor space.

Create a Corner Orchard:

Use one corner of your small yard to plant dwarf fruit trees – oranges, lemons, and limes all grow well and provide color. By grouping in small sections, your backyard is not overwhelmed and gives the illusion of more open space.

Share Sitting & Gardening Space:

When you create a sitting area in your yard, add a birdcage-type gazebo overhead. You can hang flowers or plants, or add twining plants and flowers through the bars. This will allow you to add all the beauty of a garden without needing the square footage of a flower bed.

The easiest way to garden in small spaces is by utilizing unique containers.

Container gardening allows you to make the most of very small spaces, while giving you the opportunity to express your creativity and personality. Click here to read about some of our favorite container gardening ideas.

Big Earth Landscape Supply has the soil, containers and garden pottery, fertilizer, and advice you need to create a beautiful garden, no matter the size of your Tampa area home or backyard. We look forward to helping you to create a beautiful oasis to call your own.