7 Cool Ways to Use Pottery and Architectural Pieces in Gardening

The best gardens are expressions of our personality. Whether cultivating favorite flowers, growing herbs for cooking, or creating a lush green sanctuary – gardens give us the opportunity to imagine the perfect backyard oasis.

But a garden doesn’t have to simply consist of plants and flowers. Incorporating architectural design elements such as birdbaths, fountains, and pottery are a beautiful way to add interest to an already beautiful space.

Here are just a few of our favorite ideas for adding these elements to your landscaping.

Creative Pottery in Gardening

  • Broken Pieces: One of the most popular ways to add pottery to gardens is by utilizing broken vessels. There is something rustic and charming about a broken pot, with wildflowers and vines emerging from cracks and crevices. Make sure the pot is weathered and antique looking, in order to convey the feeling of an old abandoned pot overgrown with natural florals.
  • Feed the Birds: Small clay pots with circular mouths make amazing bird feeders which fit into any garden naturally. Attach the base of a small pot to a tree or post, and add a dowel for the birds to perch on. These adorable feeders often invite small birds to nest in them as well, a welcome addition to any garden.
  • Dry Creek Beds: Recently we wrote about using dry creek beds to add a unique natural element to your yard. You can infuse a gorgeous touch by placing an oversize clay pot at the mouth of the creek bed, so that the gravel and river rock appears to spill out of it.
  • Let the Water Flow: Build a fountain using various sized pots and urns, letting the water spill from one to another. This will create an aesthetic reminiscent of the ancient Greeks, and be a lovely feature in your garden.
  • Scale the Rocks: Add boulders to your garden, and then use flat spaces to add small stone pots filled with wildflowers, succulents, or whatever plants you feel best express your personal style. You may also choose to create a water feature by allowing water to flow down the rocks into your garden like a waterfall.
  • Shale Pots: Build large pots or containers by utilizing pieces of shale or slate (Santorini tile is another great choice.) Water and trailing vines will easily grow through the breaks in the stone and create a gorgeous focal point for your garden. Photo Credit: Pinterest
  • Architectural Creations: Whether utilizing a large, rusty anchor; a tiered birdbath, or a Japanese lantern statue, adding unexpected elements to your garden is a great way to express your creativity. Fill them with flowers, let climbing vines trail around them, or place a spotlight on them. You’ll be amazed at how they add detail and beauty to your backyard space.

Adding architectural elements and man-made artistic pieces to your garden allows you to create a space which is uniquely yours.

If you need design ideas, check out Pinterest or other online home idea sites. You can also find unique choices at one of Big Earth Landscape Supply’s four area locations – we’d love to help!