5 Fun Landscaping Ideas for Fall

Anyone who has moved to Florida from any place else in the country feels a bit disconcerted in the fall.

The calendar says it is autumn, but there is no brilliantly colored foliage to marvel at, and no carved pumpkins on the porch – well, at least not any that last for more than a day in the heat.

If the absence of all things “traditionally fall” has got you down, why not have a little fun?

Here are some ways to channel your inner autumn and to transform your yard into a seasonal celebration of colorful bounty – even if you are still wearing flip flops every day.

  1. Turn Up The Color: The reds, oranges and golds of the autumn leaves is surely something to behold. Simulate that spectacle in tropical style, by planting annuals in the same rich, deep colors you remember. Flowers such as snapdragons, petunias, salvia, zinnia and marigolds are available in all the spicy shades we love, and will give your yard the warm glow you are craving. The more flowers you can plant, the better!
  2. Bring in the Bountiful Foods: As mentioned, carved pumpkins tend to wilt in our hot autumn sunshine. But if you don’t carve them, they will hold up beautifully! Arrange various sizes under trees with assorted gourds, hay bales, and pots of bright red and orange flowers to create an autumnal oasis. Be creative – your local craft store will have plenty of ideas as well.
  3. Celebrate the Holidays with Tropical Flair: Consider planting holly plants and orange lilies, both of which grow well in our climate. As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, our warm-weather spin on traditional holiday plants is sure to bring up some nostalgia. Grab your favorite pumpkin spice beverage and immerse yourself in your new, Florida holiday tradition.
  4. Mum’s the Word! If there is an official flower of fall, it is the chrysanthemum. Lucky for us, this bold flower grows beautifully in pots, and is the perfect cure for any fall nostalgia that you may be feeling. Look for rustic containers such as old metal bathtubs, or wooden buckets; or find an old wheelbarrow and fill with and bright orange and yellow mums. Decorate your pots with a raffia bow or seasonal ribbon. Mix and match fall colors and varieties, add in a few more gourds – and your home will soon be looking like a northern homestead in October.
  5. Treat Your Inner Child: Speaking of creative containers, look for trick-or-treat buckets with fun Halloween themes, and use them to plant your seasonal flowers. Line your front walkway with witches cauldrons, smiling jack o’lanterns, or black cats – all spilling over with beautiful fall flowers.
  6. Around the country, the fall season is all about the colors! Infuse your yard with that same vibrancy, while still celebrating the fact that you live in paradise. Big Earth Landscape Supply encourages our customers to create beautiful, artistic landscapes no matter the season, and we have everything you need to get started.

Check out one of our locations in Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota or Palmetto – or grab some apple cider and shop online.

Either way, we wish you a magical and fun autumn!