Conservation Begins in Your Own Backyard

Conservation is a hot topic these days.

There are many grand, sweeping plans as to how to clean up our environment, how to save on water consumption, how to recycle more and how to support our natural habitat. Sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming, but the fact is that there are many small things that you can do each day to help the cause. In fact, with just a few changes, you can begin making the world a better place – right in your own backyard.

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In the Sarasota and Tampa region, there has been so much growth that some of the birds, insects and animals have struggled to find a safe habitat. The good news is, you can take steps towards creating a natural environment on your property. This will not only give a variety of creatures a home, but will allow you to enjoy watching these beautiful birds and animals up close and personal.

  • Create a Bird and Butterfly Garden: One of our favorite ways to create a natural habitat is to grow a butterfly garden. The best part about this is how easy it is to transform your yard with vibrant color – simply choose the area of your yard, and plant native wildflowers. Morning glories, wild petunias, honeysuckles and firebush will fill your yard with beauty and aroma. Add a water source to make sure that the birds have the hydration they need during hot weather months. This can be a pond, a birdbath, or a fountain – which will not only make your yard more serene and beautiful, but will draw many species of bird and small animals.
  • Support the Bees: One of the best results of a lush flower garden is that you are giving the honeybees a place to collect pollen and nectar. While some get nervous if honeybees fill their flower garden, you should know they mean you no harm, and we need them for a healthy planet. The bee population has suffered from a depletion of habitat and available food, so providing them with a consistent food source is a great way to embrace good conservation practices. If you feel really inspired, consider a beehive.
  • Composting: There are many things which we throw out every day which can actually enrich the soil while reducing waste. Composting is a great way to recycle a lot of household waste, and can save you some money on fertilizer. Many people have compost heaps on their property, but if you do not have the time or inclination to do so, you can also purchase high quality compost. Here’s an expert tip: earthworm castings will make your soil dark and rich, and help to make your overall environment more in balance. (Read more about earthworm castings.)
  • Catching Rainwater: When rainwater runs off our roof, we typically direct it off our property. This water picks up debris and garbage as it makes its way into the sewers, and eventually our rivers and bays. Developing a system to catch and reuse rainwater is a great conservation goal. The water you collect can be used to water plants and flowers, or can be directed into a bird bath, pond or trough to provide water for visiting critters.

No matter what method you choose, any move towards conservation is a positive step towards helping the environment and supporting Florida’s amazing ecosystem. Big Earth Landscape Supply has everything you need to create a functioning and sustainable ecosystem right in your own backyard. Visit us today, or shop online.