7 Landscaping Ideas For Smaller Lawns

There are many reasons we love large lawns. Fenced-in yards give our kids and pets a safe place to run around, we can grow gardens and flower beds, or even create unique outdoor living space we can utilize year-round.

However, as growth continues in the Tampa Bay area, yards are often much smaller – and in truth, many residents prefer smaller lawns given the ease of maintenance in an environment which encourages growth all year long. If you have a small yard which you would like to make your own, here are some landscaping ideas which we love.

Landscaping Ideas for Smaller Spaces

  1. Install a Pergola: A pergola, also known as an arbor, creates a shaded space or walkway by means of pillars and an overhead trellis. Vines or trailing flower varieties generally weave through the open lattice roof, creating the shade while adding beauty and color. A pergola may be built in a small corner of the yard, or even over your patio, resulting in an intimate seating area. These features allow for the feel of a garden, even if you do not have room to plant one.
  2. Create Distinct Zones: This is one of those landscaping ideas which seems counter-intuitive, but it is actually very successful. Break up your small yard into distinct zones – a fire pit in this corner, a reading nook and birdbath in another. Add winding paths lined with flowers, or a dry creek bed to separate them. The overall effect is a meandering landscape which feels completely natural and surprisingly, much larger.
  3. Use Bold Colors: Line the front of your yard and walkways with bright, vibrant flowers which draw the eye. These flowers will make the yard behind them recede in your vision, giving the illusion of a larger yard. Some of the best South Florida flowers to plant for all seasons include tropical and subtropical varieties like bougainvilla, birds of paradise, or gerbera daisies.
  4. Take Advantage of Tropical Foliage: Big, lavish tropical plants give the illusion of a bigger space, changing the scale of your yard due to their own size. Banana plants, large ferns, and palm trees create a lush, exotic feel that belies the smaller space. If your neighbor has big trees and plants beyond your property line, “steal the view” by diminishing the barriers. Plant smaller varieties to block the fence or property line, allowing their landscaping to create another level behind yours.
  5. Create an Eye-Catching Focal Point: If your yard is small, create a bold area right in the middle of it so that guests concentrate on it, not the small yard beyond it. For instance, build a fire pit with comfortable seating, colorful container plants, and cover with an exotic canopy or pergola. Make the area so compelling that it naturally translates your small yard into the coolest backyard ever.
  6. Take Advantage of Corners: Most homes have corners and nooks around their perimeter that are essentially dead space. Create beds and landscape with vertical growing plants, adding color and interest in areas which normally would not be utilized for anything special.
  7. Get Rid of the Grass Altogether: If you really love colorful flowers and tropical plants and can’t seem to find enough space, replace your yard altogether. You won’t have to mow, and butterflies and bees will love it. Create walking paths and sitting areas between all your beds, and you will have the peaceful sanctuary you always dreamed of.

Big Earth Landscape Supply has all the elements you need for these landscaping ideas – and any you may dream up. From sod to decorative stone, our high quality products are designed to help you to create the backyard of your dreams. Stop by one of our locations today, or shop online to be inspired.