Fountains & Bird Baths Add Zen to Your Landscaping

When you are imagining the perfect backyard oasis, a lush and green lawn is only the beginning. Once you have mowed, trimmed, fertilized and manicured, it is time to consider some of the more decorative elements which make a property special.

Fountains and birdbaths are just two of the unique and exotic pieces you can consider to make your lawn and garden a serene and zen place to relax and entertain.

Why You Should Add a Fountain to Your Backyard

You probably know that the sound of running water can add a sense of peace and serenity to any lawn or garden. There are many ways to add a water feature, but one of our favorites is a fountain. Not only will you achieve that sense of zen you are seeking, but you can add sophisticated architectural interest as well.

  • The sound of water is tranquil, and can drown out traffic or noisy neighbors. When you need a quick escape from the world around you, the soothing sounds of running water will do the trick.
  • Running water catches the light and reflects sunshine, creating a natural glow and ambiance perfect for relaxation.
  • Fountains come in many styles, allowing you to imagine a design oasis that is uniquely you. Whether inpsired by Greek urns or Eastern architecture, there is a fountain to express your vision.
  • The addition of a fountain in your garden offers stimulation for both sight and sound, and adds depth and interest to an otherwise flat space.
  • Fountains can run into pond features, perfect for the addition of fish. Nothing is much more zen than watching fish swim lazily around a pool; just remember to keep the water clean and clear.
  • Running water can actually help to cool off your space; so add some shade and a fountain, and your summer respite will become your favorite hiding place during the hottest months.

Why Add a Birdbath to your Landscape?

For a nature lover, one of the most interesting thing about moving to a new region is discovering all of the unique flora and fauna. Transplants to our area love landscaping with tropical plants, adding plam trees and exotic flowers. They also love getting familiar with the varied area birds which frquent our gardens. A great way to familiarize yourself with local avian residents is to install a birdbath.

Not only will you be providing a clean water source for cardinals, bluebirds and doves, but you may begin to see more regional birds you’ve never seen up close before – such as sandhill cranes, storks, roseate spoonbills and bis.

The key to birdbaths for larger birds is to keep them as natural as possible. That is, water is usually not something they have to fly up to! Access to lower water is more likely to bring them in; and keeping it available year-round will allow for all different types of birds to learn that your yard is welcoming.

Consider adding thick bushes or hedges surrounding a few sides of the birdbath, to offer the birds safety and cover while they indulge. Position a bench within viewing distance but far enough away to not scare them once they are comfortable with your presence.

Fountains and birdbaths are just the beginning of the distinctive architectural elements that you will find at Big Earth Landscape Supply. We have stone monoliths, statuaries, onyx furniture, and much more – all designed to add natural beauty and texture to your backyard. Shop our online selection of fountains and birdbaths, or come browse our inventory onsite – we are positive that you will be inspired to create your own zen oasis.