What is So Special About Scott’s ProVista™ Saint Augustine?

One of the ongoing struggles here in South Florida is keeping a green and healthy lawn.  During the rainy summer months, we fight off rot and fungus

Once the dry summer months arrive, we must make sure to keep the ground properly irrigated

Throughout the years, professional lawn care experts have been growing better turf to address these issues – and with the announcement of Scott’s ProVista™ St. Augustine turf, your prospects for a beautiful, low maintenance lawn just got a lot better.

St. Augustine Turf

St. Augustine grass is one of the most popular choices in the Tampa and Sarasota area. This coarse warm season grass is known for its plush feel and dark green color. Because this turf is less cold tolerant than most of the warm weather grasses, it is often seen in our area. The grass spreads quickly through surface roots called stolons, creating a thick mat of grass which crowds out weeds.


Floratam St. Augustine was developed in the late 70’s by joint Florida and Texas agricultural groups. It was touted for being more resistant to chinch bugs and to the prevalent SAD (Saint Augustine decline) virus, the root cause of the brown/yellow patches which St. Augustine was prone to.

Floratam is less cold resistant than other varieties of St. Augustine grasses, and may suffer during an extended freeze. However, this area rarely sees the type of weather which would cause concern.

Scott’s ProVista™ St. Augustine Grass </h2>

The latest advancement in St. Augustine grass solutions comes from the trusted Scott’s brand. This turf exhibits the beautiful green grass which St. Augustine is known for, but also offers a couple of exciting improvements:

* ProVista™ is glyphosate tolerant, meaning that you can aggressively eliminate weeds without damaging the surrounding turf.

The weeds are also kept to a minimum based upon the dense horizontal growth typical to the grass.

* ProVista™ grows in a dense, uniform manner. Because of its horizontal growing pattern, it is estimated that you can cut the necessary mowing in half, saving you a lot of time and money. In fact, some estimates indicate that you will only have to mow your lawn approximately 20 times annually.

The new brand of turf thrives in full sun – a definite plus for a South Florida lawn – but also gives you better performance in the shade than other St. Augustine varieties. Keep in mind, ProVista™ is the latest version of the popular Floratam product, which has a great reputation for gorgeous, low maintenance lawns.

Take Note: Because of its easy care and great looks, ProVista™ is perfect for HOA’s and new home communities. The turf will provide a deep green, uniform aesthetic for lawns and common areas.

If you live in South Florida and are looking to re-sod your lawn, ask the experts at Big Earth Landscape Supply if Scott’s ProVista™ is right for you. We will help you to choose the best turf, as well as any associated fertilizers, weed control, or fungicides you may need.