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How Many Square Feet are on a Pallet of Sod?

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Many homeowners in South Florida are just now considering how to have a beautiful green lawn this summer – and for some, that means laying new sod. If you are looking to beautify your lawn, fill in bare spots or to try a new grass variety, you may be wondering the best way to purchase sod. Your new sod will come on pallets, but the sizes and measurements vary depending on moisture content, grass type, the size of the sod pieces, and the type of soil.

What is So Special About Scott’s ProVista™ Saint Augustine?

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During the rainy summer months, we fight off rot and fungus. Once the dry summer months arrive, we must make sure to keep the ground properly irrigated. Throughout the years, professional lawn care experts have been growing better turf to address these issues – and with the announcement of Scott’s ProVista™ St. Augustine turf, your prospects for a beautiful, low maintenance lawn just got a lot better.