Why Rye Grass is a Great Choice for Your Shady Lawn

Tampa area homeowners know the struggles of keeping a green and healthy lawn.

The Florida climate can be unforgiving on grass, as year-round direct sunlight beats down, often causing it to burn, scorch, or dry out.

Planting hardy, drought resistant warm weather grass is a great solution.

Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda grass are all popular options for keeping a lush lawn through all of Florida’s seasons, as they withstand the heat and strong rays.

However, because these varieties of grass can stand up to the heat, they do not do well in shady areas or cooler climes.

If you have shady areas on your property, you have likely been frustrated trying to grow grass. The good news is, there is a solution – rye grass.

What is Rye Grass?

Rye grass is used in many regions, but for different purposes. As a cool weather grass, it is not appropriate for Florida lawns, but it is perfect for areas which are always shaded.

Rye grass exhibits fine blades, and provides a lush, green color.

Rye grass will not tolerate Florida’s strong summer sun, but should flourish in the shade and through the winter months.

The grass has a rapid germination rate and will establish ground cover quickly, therefore it is often used as a “temporary lawn”.

Rye grass also is perfect for over-seeding areas of your lawn which thinned out over the summer, as it will fill in quickly and thrive throughout our cooler winter.

Rye grass grows in clumps and grows utilizing vertical shoots known as tillers (as opposed to the rhizomes or horizontal stolons of other traditional Florida grasses.

Rye grass will need frequent watering throughout the winter, as South Florida generally experiences up to 5 months without significant rainfall.

If you forget to water the grass can be revived easily, but may need to be reseeded if it gets too dry.

Where Should You Plant Rye Grass?

To best capitalize on its shade tolerating qualities, rye grass is most often used under large shade trees and to fill in under thick bushes or hedges. It is also a great choice for those areas shaded by your home or other structures on the property.

As a Florida homeowner, you have plenty of challenges in keeping a beautiful lawn. But we believe rye grass may be the perfect solution.

This winter, over-seed thin areas of your lawn with this versatile grass, and then cultivate in shady areas in the spring. You’ll be enjoying a complete and full lawn before you know it.

No matter your lawn care dilemma, Big Earth Landscape Supply has the right product to solve it.

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