Let’s Learn About Sod & Plugs!

At Big Earth supply you can buy Sod by the plug, the piece or the whole pallet.

Aside plugged tray eighteen plugs, now the benefit of a sod plug tray is that you can place plugs as close together or as far as part as you like but plugs require a lot of patience.

The benefit is that you can monitor for weed, pest or disease while allowing your lawn to grow together. Once it creates a nice lush lawn, mission accomplished.

You can also buy sod by the piece so if you’re into more instant results, one piece covers approximately two square feet and once there buttered up next to each other, you’ve got an instant lawn.

On pieces are great for touch ups, if you need just a couple pieces in the front yard or the back yard.

However, you can also buy sod by the pallet and our sod pellets are four hundred square feet sand based sod and they’ll give you instant results when the sod is butter up right next to each other.

So, be sure to check out our blog for any questions or troubleshooting issues you may be having on any of our grasses, ranging from the Bahia, St Augustine’s, even Bermuda, and we will be happy to help you.