Landscape Supplies Delivery From Big Earth Supply

At Big Earth landscape supply, we have a fleet of over two hundred and fifty (250) trucks which include a flatbed with a forklift, a tractor trailer, a many wheeler or tandem dump truck as well as our stored dump trucks.

Now we can deliver anywhere that you’d like, or place materials anywhere that you like.

However, you’ve got to make sure that our machines are going to fit. Our bigger flatbeds can deliver with the forklift to unload the materials wherever you need.

Now, it’s important that you have the appropriate clearance for the size of the forklift. It ranges from about eight and a half feet wide upwards of twelve feet tall so if you have any low hanging branches or we need to get through a gate, it’s important to make sure that we have that space to pass through.

Big Earth landscape supply also has the capability to deliver materials via tractor trailer dumb truck to your job site, resident or any other development property.

The tractor trailer dump truck holds anywhere from twenty-four (24) to twenty-six (26) tons just depending on the weight of the material. So customers have the capability to receive more material in one given load.

However, it’s important to make sure that the space is appropriate for the size of, not only the truck as well as the tractor trailer. At Big Earth Supply, our fleet of trucks can deliver any material wherever you need.

For example, our eighteen-yard truck as it’s affectionately called or our many wheelers try axle or tandem dump truck can deliver anywhere from twenty to twenty-four yards just depending on the weight of the material.

This usually yields anywhere from sixteen to eighteen or more cubic yards.

It’s important to remember when ordering a mini wheeler for a delivery, that your area has enough space for the truck to pull in, back up and dump the load without interfering with any overhanging trees or any other item that would cause trouble for the overall clearance rate of the dump truck.