Florida Cap Rocks From Big Earth Supply

Florida cap rocks from big earth landscape supply are of course native to Florida, limestone material but they’re not what you have to use for your next landscape project.

A lot of people say, “oh Florida has ugly rocks” or “I don’t like Florida rocks” but at Big Earth landscape supply we have more variety for you to choose from.

Cap rocks from Big Earth landscape supplier sold by size and ranging anywhere from one to two feet two to three feet all the way up to five even six feet in size.

They’re perfect if you’re looking for that native feel in your Florida landscape or guardian.

Being that Florida rocks are native to Florida in a limestone material you might expect them to be white but in fact a lot of the boulders have an iron that comes through as a brownish orange tint in the rock and actually adds a lot of character as well.

Whether you want a large boulder as an accent piece or you want to use smaller boulders to outline your landscape.

Florida cap rocks from Big Earth landscape supply are exactly what you are native landscape needs.