3 Beautiful Uses for Beach Pebble in Your Landscaping

In South Florida, we pretty much enjoy beautiful weather year round. To homeowners, this means that our outdoor spaces are some of our favorite places to be. From our lanai to our garden, there is nothing better than being outside in the warm sunshine.

Because we spend so much time outdoors, many of us love to landscape our lawns and gardens to suit our style.

One of the hottest landscape decorating trends in Tampa and Sarasota is the utilization of rocks – notably, beach pebble landscaping rock.

What is Beach Pebble?

Beach pebble consists of smooth, oval or egg-shaped rocks in varying sizes. The most popular varieties range anywhere from 1” pebbles to 5” stones. Unpolished beach pebble stones are generally light gray in color, but Mexican beach pebble is also available in white.

3 Ideas to Incorporate Beach Pebble

  1. One of our favorite features to add to your lawn are dry riverbeds. These natural features not only add beauty and charm to your landscape, but allow for excessive rainwater to drain away from your home.A dry riverbed can consist of nothing but beach pebble, or you can add plants and architectural elements for a truly pastoral look. Check out our post on creating a dry riverbed that embraces the very best in form and function.
  2. Create a secret garden, shaded under palm trees and surrounded by hibiscus and bougainvillea.The rocks make the perfect ground covering to add a bench and a gently flowing fountain or birdbath.Perfect for reading, relaxing, or hiding from life for a little while – you may want to add a hammock!Use beach pebble to create a pathway out to your hideaway, either alone or as a base for stepping stones.Here’s a Tip: Succulents, cacti, and other desert blooms look beautiful when planted and surrounded by beach pebble.
  3. Beach pebble is an excellent alternative to mulch, and therefore is wonderful in flower beds, around trees, and under windows. Not only is rock low maintenance and long-lasting, but is also wonderful for drainage. Use for walkways and paths as well for uniform, coherent look.
  4. As mentioned, you can purchase beach pebble in a variety of sizes and shades. You can also choose from polished and unpolished stones.While the unpolished stones are in their natural state, polished stones have a beautiful shine. Polished stones are often used for modern or contemporary gardens and landscaping; and look elegant surrounding white stucco and glass.No matter your decorating style, beach pebble is a great way to add interest and texture to your lawn and yard.Come to Big Earth Landscape Supply to see our selection, or shop online. Our professionals are here to help no matter your vision for your home.