4 Great Ways to Landscape For Privacy

Here in Florida, we are surrounded by natural beauty year-round. From exotic flowers to tropical trees and bushes, we have the opportunity to create gorgeous landscapes and curb appeal that is tough to beat.

When it comes to creating privacy for our yards and homes, we have many natural options that not only provide the functionality we desire, but do so beautifully and organically.


Here are 4 of our favorite ideas for establishing an oasis of privacy in your own backyard.

1. Bamboo Screens:

Bamboo is known to grow quickly and prolifically, especially in our hot and humid climate.

If you want to add an island vibe while enclosing your yard with privacy, use bamboo to create a living barrier, rather than fences or walls.

You will feel like you are living on a secluded island, and your privacy will be intact.

Plant a few mango, lime and palm trees for the ultimate experience of the tropics.

2. Juniper Hedges:

Tall juniper hedges are not only great around the perimeter of the yard, but will also allow you to “section off” your property into private gardens and sheltered alcoves.

These bushes are drought tolerant once established, and do very well in South Florida – even as they present with the  overall look of a northern evergreen.

Junipers come in up to 170 varieties, and some are utilized only for ground cover – so be sure to choose the right variety for a tall, sculpted hedge.

Keep in mind that juniper hedges will take a few years to cultivate, but ultimately will provide beautiful privacy. Looking for another option? The arborvitae is a great choice.

3. Climbing Vines:

If you need a fence around your yard for pet or child safety, but are craving a more botanical feel, consider flowering vines.

Often used to provide decoration and privacy on trellises, eaves, and archways, flowering vines such as bougainvillea and jasmine will also climb a barrier fence with ease.


A green chain link fence can be nearly completely hidden with bushes and climbing vines, and will achieve the privacy you hope for using a combination of industrial and organic elements.

4. Topiaries:

If you are looking for a whimsical way to add privacy to smaller areas of your property, such as a reading alcove or small dining area, look into topiaries!

These ornamental shrubs are often artistically sculpted in interesting shapes and characters, but can also be groomed to provide tall barriers when place together in groupings.

Arrange them in decorative painted pots or unique architectural accents, and you’ll create a space sure to become your favorite private hideaway.

From fences to willow screens, from topiaries to flowering vines – there are a myriad of ways to design privacy in your landscaping.

If you would like more ideas, or simply need the supplies to bring your vision to life, stop by your local Big Earth Landscape Supply.

We are here to help homeowners from Tampa to Sarasota in creating their dream yards and gardens. How can we help you?