Be a weirdo and plant weird plants

Who wants their garden to look the same as every other one in the neighborhood? If you think your garden looks a little bland, maybe it’s time for a unique look to help your garden stand out by adding some weird plants that your neighbors would never think to add.

While you may not be ready to dig up your rosebushes, adding one or two unique plants can freshen up the look of your entire garden.

Whether you’re looking for unusual flowers to spice up the look of your garden or unusual fruits or vegetables to freshen up your dinner table, here are 14 weird plants you should consider planting in your garden.


-Black Bat Flower

This jungle flower has a striking look and grows up to 3 feet tall. It prefers filtered shade and moist but not soggy soil. This plant is happiest in humid areas.


These bright tubular flowers attract hummingbirds to your garden for an added level of beauty. In places that are never hit by frost, it may bloom all year long, and it can be grown as either a vine or a shrub.


-Giant Allium Flowers

If you have kids or grandkids, they will go crazy over these giant flowers, which are also called truffula flowers. They look like they’re straight out of a Dr. Seuss book!

-Red Button Ginger

This bright plant can grow up to four feet tall, and yellow flowers sporadically sprout from the red cones, making for quite a colorful addition to your garden.

-Sunset Hibiscus

This plant can grow up to six feet tall and sports beautiful flowers that are five inches across, making a beautiful backdrop for the rest of your garden.

-Harlequin Glorybower

In places where winter temperatures don’t dip below 10° F, this plant can grow up to 12 feet tall! The beautiful purple flowers will add a pop of color to any garden.



-White Alpine Strawberries

Looking like an albino version of a strawberry, white alpine strawberries are sweeter than their regular cousins and have a hint of pineapple to their taste. Birds may leave them alone since they don’t have the typical bright berry coloring.


Cucamelons are also known as Mexican or Watermelon gherkins. While they may look like miniature melons, they taste more like cucumbers and are more cold tolerant than regular cucumbers.

-Black (Indigo Rose) Tomatoes

Created by the University of Oregon by crossing red and purple tomato varieties, these tomatoes are reportedly even healthier and more savory than regular tomatoes. They’re also a beautiful addition to any garden.


You’ve probably never seen anything like the kiwano before. Also called horned melon, African cucumber, and blowfish fruit, it’s spiky and orange on the outside and green and juicy on the inside.


-Broccoli Romanesco


Romanesco may be the most beautiful vegetable you will ever see. It has fractals like a snowflake and is mesmerizing to look at. Originally marketed as “Broccoflower,” it does taste like a combination of broccoli and cauliflower.


This member of the cabbage family looks like it came from outer space. It comes in purple, green, and white varieties and is said to taste like a cross between a radish and a cucumber.

-Oca “New Zealand Yam”

The greens of this plant are edible, and the tuber can be red, white, or pink. This “lost crop of the Incas” taste like lemony water chestnuts when they’re raw and like lemony potatoes when they’re cooked.

-Long Beans

True to their name, these long beans can grow up to three feet long! They taste better stir-fried or sautéed than they do boiled or steamed.

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