4 Pet Friendly Landscaping Tips for Your Lawn & Garden

We love our pets. They really become like family. So as the weather gets warmer and we spend more time outside, we want our four-legged friends to similarly enjoy the outdoors and their own outdoor environment.

If you’re planning to update your landscaping this summer; and want to keep your pets in mind; here are 4 pet friendly ideas for your lawn and garden.

Install Fences for Security

A fence is usually a must with dogs and many other pets. Make sure the fence is tall enough so that your dog doesn’t get out and that the space between the slats doesn’t allow room for your dog to get his head stuck in. Planting shrubs and flowers along your fence line can help to decorate the fence and help it complement your landscape.

Be Careful When Installing Plants

Some dog owners didn’t know the plants they were growing were toxic until their dogs got poisoned. Indeed, there are so many common plants—such as dahlia and aloe— that can result in great harm.

As a result, before you head to the local landscape supply store, take a look at our guide to pet-safe plants. This will give you access to a full list of non-toxic and toxic plants.

Shady Areas Are Important

Excess sun exposure could give your dog a sunburn and even heatstroke, which may lead to severe injury. Try to plant a large tree or install a shade cloth to block the sun and heat, so your dog can have a cooling retreat. A doghouse, of course, will be a better option, since it can keep your dog safe in either hot or stormy weather. More importantly, your dog will love to have its own shelter.

Go Organic

Your dog will spend a lot of time in close contact with soil and the lawn. Avoid using commercial pesticides, which could make your dog sick or contribute to cancer. It’s easier to go organic if you use plants that are native to your region. These are adapted to your soil and weather conditions and tend to require less maintenance.


With some thought and planning, it is possible to make your yard pet-friendly and safe. It will look just as great, but now it can be enjoyed by all your family members. That’s the best kind of backyard retreat there is.

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