The Most Iconic Southern Flowers

There are many people moving to the Tampa Bay area from regions up north, and who can blame them? We have gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, and an amazing quality of life.

When you look to landscape your new yard and garden here in South Florida, you may want to use your favorite flowers from back home.

But because of differences in climate, soil, and weather patterns, you may not be able to grow those popular northern flowers.

The good news is that we have our own gorgeous flora right here in the south, and they are perfectly suited to our climate. Have you checked out the Big Earth Supply Garden Center at our Sarasota location?

Southern & Tropical Flowers You’ll Love 

Magnolia: There may b no flower more synonymous with the south than the magnolia. With an unmistakable, intoxicating scent and large, fragrant white blooms, the magnolia is a welcome addition to residential and commercial properties alike.

The magnolia tree can grow quite large and is tough to move once established, so choose well Magnolias do well in rich soil, but some varieties also have adapted well to sand and can even be planted at the beach.

Hibiscus: One of the most loved tropical flowers, the hibiscus bloom occurs naturally in over 200 species. These exotic blooms are diverse, and can thrive as potted plants,or can be cultivated as privacy hedges.

All hibiscus varieties feature large, showy trumpet-shape blooms in bold colors. Hibiscus does best with primarily full sun, but will enjoy some afternoon shade. For the most beautiful plants, shelter them from the wind and make sure the surrounding soil drains well.

Camellia: The camellia is the state flower of Alabama, but we love them here in South Florida as well. There are more than 3,000 varieties of camellia, and they occur in a wide range of colors and sizes. The flower has a long season, so is appropriate for your yard spring through fall. Camellias bloom best in partial shade and away from direct sunlight. If you have large shade trees, this bush will grow well underneath it.

Hydrangea: There are few flowers that are as lush and lavish as the hydrangea. The full, “snowball” clusters of flowers can actually be coaxed to change colors (based on the pH of the soil. Hydrangea are most often shades of blue and pink, although pale green is also a popular hue.

These shrubs can be spotted in shady yards across the Tampa Bay area. Hydrangeas require regular watering, and do best with morning sun and afternoon shade.

When you are considering what type of southern flowers will be best for your yard, remember to take several factors into consideration.

You’ll want to carefully choose the location for the flowers based on their tolerance to the sun; as well as assess the type of soil you have and the drainage capabilities.

When you plant any flowers or trees, ask the experts at Big Earth Landscape Supply for the right kind of soil, fertilizers, and tools you’ll need to perfectly cultivate your newly landscaped yard.

We are here to answer any questions you have in order to beautify your Southern home.