What to Do with Your Empty Pallets

Sod, bricks, mulch – when you purchase landscaping products, they often arrive on large wooden pallets. Customers frequently ask what to do with these pallets once they are empty – here are some ideas – both practical and creative – from Big Earth Landscape Supply.

Repurposing Your Empty Pallets

If you love the idea of using all that wood to create beautiful DIY projects for your home and yard, there is no shortage of ideas on the web. We recommend utilizing social media sites like Pinterest or Houzz for literally thousands of recycling or repurposing ideas. Are you ready to be inspired?

Here’s a Hint: Even if you are not the DIY project type, pallets can be used to make incredible items for your home. Browse the online sites and choose what looks good – then ask your handy friend over to help you build it!

  • For the Garden: Pallets are perfect for use as raised garden beds and planters. Simply stack them on top of each other and remove slats where necessary. Wooden pallets, placed vertically, make a striking standing herb or flower garden; or can also be utilized for a rustic garden workbench for potting plants.
  • For the Backyard: Wooden pallets make a fantastic base for a new deck or patio area. Fill in gaps in the pallet with cut wood, and finish with stain for a naturally beautiful seating area anyplace in the yard.
  • For Unique Furniture: Whether for your lanai or even indoors, handy people will find that wooden pallets are perfect for constructing one of a kind furniture pieces. Two pallets stacked on top of each other, sanded and painted make for a beautiful coffee table; while deconstructing the pallets and utilizing the slats can result in a wide variety of benches, chairs, tables and storage units. Wooden pallets can also be sanded, painted and combined to make a sleek, modern bed frame. We love the idea of staining the pallet and suspending it from the ceiling – then hanging lighting elements for a truly rustic and individual aesthetic.
  • For the Garage: Even if you do not repurpose the wooden pallets, they are perfect for raising stored items up off the floor, allowing air to circulate and helping to avoid mold issues. Items stored outdoors can also be raised up off the grass and soil to keep them from becoming damaged.

Disposing of Your Pallets

If you are not the craft type and are simply wondering what you should do with the pallets, you have several options:

  • Ask Your Friends: If you are on social media, simply posting that you have empty pallets is likely enough to garner interest. Many people are looking for pallet wood for projects such as those described above, and for use in gardens and workshops. If not, ask around – chances are excellent that you know someone who would love to take them off your hands.
  • Leave them Out at the Curb: Believe it or not, the pallets will likely disappear quickly, as there many who cruise neighborhoods for recyclable items on garbage day. If not, your waste management company will likely take them, but if you have any questions as to their willingness to pick up bulk wood, simply call the town and they will advise you how to dispose of them correctly.
  • Call Big Earth Landscape Supply: Although we do not charge for pallets (and thus cannot offer you money for their return), we are happy to take the pallets off your hands so they can be re-used for another customer.

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