Incorporating Exotic Stone Elements from Around the Globe

Incorporating Exotic Stone Elements from Around the Globe

As Tampa Bay area residents, our deep connection to the outdoors drives our love for beautifully manicured lawns and yards. Our outdoor spaces seamlessly blend into our daily lives, serving as venues for gatherings with friends or moments of relaxation under the shade of palm trees.

Landscaping in South Florida is often synonymous with tropical plants and luxuriant foliage. Yet, for those in search of a truly exceptional yard, incorporating exotic stone elements from around the globe introduces a unique architectural charm that elevates the beauty and sophistication of your outdoor haven.


Stone Elements To Inspire

Here are some ways to incorporate stone elements into your backyard design.


Create Seating Areas

Anyone can add a few chairs around their yard to allow for a shady respite under an oak tree. But consider the natural beauty of a basalt bench tucked away among your flowers, or the bold beauty of marbled onyx benches from our Euro-quarries to add color and interest to your lanai. 

Add a Water Feature

There is nothing more relaxing than hearing the gentle sound of water flowing over stone elements. This 5 piece natural basalt fountain can turn any corner of your yard into a restful sanctuary, sure to become your favorite place to while away the afternoon.

Redefine the Picnic Table

Natural stone elements make for gorgeous alternatives to your normal patio set. Stone tables and benches in unique geometric shapes are sure to create a striking aesthetic, as well as to start many conversations.

Make Your Own Pebble Beach

Euro quarry beach pebbles are deep black in color, while royal rainbow tumbled sandstone pebbles exhibit beautiful color whether wet or dry. Choose from a wide variety of pebbles to use in place of mulch, grass, or any other ground cover- for a natural look which is low maintenance and unparalleled in beauty. 

“Lead the Way”

Whimsical limestone stepping stones are the perfect way to add pathways to your backyard; from pool to seating area, from lanai to your shady bench by the lake. These stepping stones are emblazoned with dolphins or manatees, celebrating the tropical vibe of your Tampa Bay or Sarasota home.

Add Architectural Interest

Whether an artisan onyx monolith or sleek stone spheres, polished and sculpted stone elements add a beautiful artistic touch to your gardens and flower beds. Colossus boulders exude an air of antiquity and history in your gardens as well, and pair well with small statues or columns. 

Design an Outdoor Art Gallery

Capturing the magic and mystery of driftwood, our petrified wood sculptures and displays will add rustic beauty to your Sarasota beach home; while our elaborate dragon stone sculpture is sure to become the focal point of your yard.

Columns and Monoliths

These stately rock formations are perfect for displaying your house number, or marking out the boundary of your garden. No matter how you use them, they make a dramatic statement which greatly adds to your curb appeal.

Invoke a Touch of Greece

Santorini marble is imported from the Greek islands, and this beautiful, pure white stone is coveted for its design possibilities. Whether it adorns your flower beds, or you stack tiles for a contemporary sculpture next to your pool – this stone element earns every bit of its reputation. (Click for more ideas on how to use Santorini stone.)

The above highlights just a few of the hundreds of beautiful stone elements available at Big Earth Landscape Supply. If you are looking for ways to accentuate your yard or beautify your outdoor space, browse online or come shop at one of our area locations for inspiration and ideas you won’t find anywhere else.