Landscaping for a Quick Home Sale

The most famous axiom of real estate is “Location, Location, Location!”

However, it has been proven time and again that if your curb appeal is lacking, you will lose many prospective buyers before they even walk into your home. In fact, studies show that most buyers make a decision about your home before they even walk through the front door.  Not to mention, when someone perceives that they will have to do a lot of work, their idea of a fair price drops significantly.

Given those facts, it is easy to see that quality landscaping and lawn care is critical to not only procuring a buyer, but selling your home for the best price possible.

The Financials of Great Landscaping

  • According to the Gallup organization, quality landscaping can add up to 15% to the value of your home.
  • Smart Money Magazine tells us that upgrading your landscaping from “Good” to “Excellent” an result, on average, with a 7% increase in the sales price of your home.
  • Money Magazine reports that landscaping has an excellent ROI, returning from 100% to 200% of your investment o your pocketbook when you sell.
  • According to Trendnomics, 99% of real estate appraisers agree that quality landscaping adds to the value of the home.

Tips on Landscaping for Curb Appeal

You may notice we keep emphasizing quality landscaping.

This is especially important when trying to sell a home. While you may love garden gnomes and the overgrown rainforest look, these aren’t universally considered to be desirable. Remember, you are trying to attract the widest range of buyers to your home. If a buyer looks at your flower beds and thinks “I have to re-do them completely” you are less likely to get an offer you love.

  • Palm Trees: In Florida, palm trees are generally considered to be a staple of lawns and landscaping. In fact, transplants from other states are often thrilled to have such an iconic symbol of paradise in their yards. But if you are adding palm trees to your landscaping, keep care in mind. Trees which get too overgrown and hide your windows, impale you with spines when you walk past or threaten to drop coconuts on your head may not be the best choices for your landscaping beds. Consider pygmy palm varieties which exude the vibe of the tropics, while remaining easy to maintain and cultivate.
  • Evergreens: Incorporating evergreens – and other year-round plants – into your landscaping beds provides a consistent base which always look classic and healthy. While you may choose vibrant or exotic plants to fill in depending on season, with evergreens you can be assured that you will have a clean look to your yard no matter the climate.
  • Garden Beds: Beautiful gardens don’t have to be busy. When a buyer is looking at your landscaping, a garden which is too complicated looks like too much to maintain. While you may attract avid gardeners, weekend lawn warriors will likely envision far too many hours in the garden if your design is too intricate.
  • Natural Light: The goal is to show off your home and property, not hide it. Buyers love natural light and views, so don’t overwhelm your windows and lanai with overgrown, too tall plants.
  • Lawn Care: Your lawn is by far the most visible and expansive part of your landscaping. Be sure to keep it mowed and manicured, and treat any brown spots immediately and aggressively. An unhealthy lawn is a huge red flag for many homebuyers, and an unkempt lawn is a warning sign. If you don’t maintain the visible parts of your home, how meticulous can you be indoors?
  • Architectural Elements: Depending on the style of your home, you may wish to add a stately fountain or a distinctive stone sculpture. Be sure to match the design and personality of your home or it will look out of place – put a well chosen architectural enhancement can be a gorgeous focal – and selling -point.

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