Everything You Need to Know About Mulch

Most Florida homeowners understand that mulch is a great addition to their landscaping beds. Mulch is not only a great aesthetic choice, but it can help with weed control and to keep your plants hydrated. While you may know you need mulch, you may wonder about the right variety, when to apply new mulch, and how to best maintain it .

This is your guide to the what, how and why of mulching in the Sarasota and Tampa area.

Facts about Mulch

As noted, mulch is wonderful for weed control, especially when paired with a tarp which is laid down prior to the mulch being installed. Mulch also regulated the temperature of the soil, allowing it to stay moist and resulting in healthier root systems for your plants. For many people, the question is not whether or not to mulch, but what types of mulch to use – and how often to replace it. Here are some factors to consider:

  • COLOR: Mulch comes in many colors, and the selection of the right one for your yard and landscaping can make all the difference. For a rich but natural look, you may choose a deep brown mulch, while red mulch is popular for those looking for contrast and depth in their beds.

    You should consider both the color palette of your home, and the type of plants you will be installing in your garden.

  • QUALITY: Some mulch is made from hardy pine bark, other varieties are made from scrap wood and even storm debris. Because mulch is such a visible part of your landscaping, you will want it to look great – and lesser quality mulch may in fact need to be replaced more often.
  • TEXTURE: Coarse, single ground material is more beneficial if your area experiences heavy rains, as it will stay in place better and is not as vulnerable to windy conditions as double processed, shredded varieties. However, many believe the latter to be better for the propagation of your plants and flowers. If you change your mulch from season to season, you can choose the type which works best for the climate and time of year.
  • PRICE: While mulch is generally affordable no matter the variety, the difference of $1 per bag can make a big difference when mulching an entire property. Cypress mulch is generally the most expensive, while hardwood varieties are more affordable.

Popular Mulch Varieties

Different varieties of mulch have different characteristics. Understanding what each is best at providing is a good way to choose the appropriate type for your home landscaping.

  • Pine Bark: Because of its large pieces, pine bark is long lasting, taking a long time to break down. Pine bark also dramatically minimizes weed growth, making chemical weed killer less necessary.
  • Cypress Mulch: The natural, woody appearance of cypress mulch makes it a best seller; it is also great for erosion control during our rainy summer season. An added benefit you may not be aware of? Cypress mulch will naturally repel insects.
  • Black Mulch and Eucalyptus Mulch: Both of these varieties help your soil to retain moisture and inhibit weed growth, while offering unique colors for your landscape design.
  • Red Mulch: This popular option is known to keep soil warmer during our coldest months, and cooler during the summer – helping plant root systems to survive through all seasons. Hint: To keep mulch beds looking vibrant, turn your mulch occasionally to keep it from fading too quickly in the sun.For more mulch options for commercial landscaping, playground landscaping and more , visit our online shop. Big Earth Landscape Supply invites you into one of our four area locations to see the mulch textures and colors for yourself. We are here to help for all your landscaping needs.