6 Curb Appeal Lawn & Garden Projects You Can Do This Weekend

Adding curb appeal to your house doesn’t just raise its financial value, but it gives your house a great appearance too, which can help to bring you peace.

Everyone wants a picturesque lawn, but it can be a time-consuming process, so we have complied six projects that can get you closer to perfection, in just one weekend.

Take Care of The Hardware

You can start with your fence. If you don’t have one, you can install it within a few hours, but if it’s already there, you can make it new again with a few coats of paint. This is one of the most cost and time effective ways to improve your front yard.

You can then move on to the house numbers, mailbox or the lock set on your door. If they are old or discolored, you can replace them with a more updated style that gives your house a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Adding a tasteful wreath to your door can make all the difference. You can buy these wreaths online or from your favorite store. If you are in a crafty mood, you can create one of your own, and it can even be a fun project to enlist the kids help with. There are numerous tutorials and ideas online.


A yard is not a yard without beautiful plants. You can add so much to the house by growing some new oxygen machines. Moreover, it’s not just about the plants, but about how and where you plant them.

Set out an hour or two to organize what you need and where you need it. You can add Earth box planters to the windows or add new planting beds at a suitable place. The key here is planning.

Outdoor Lighting

Almost half of our twenty-four hours are without any sunlight. During these dark times, all your hard work can get underappreciated if it’s not visible. Adding sophisticated lamps around your garden will not just make everything visible at night but also enhance its beauty.

How’s Your Walkway?

Your walkway is the road to your door. Check to see how it looks from different angles, and work to fix the cracks and unsightly marks. Clean up the edging around the walkway using these tips I recently wrote up.

What if you don’t have a walkway to the door? You can have one professionally installed if you don’t have one or, if you have the skills there are many DIY options online, including stepping stones, gravel, shell, brick pavers, flagstone, etc – all available at Big Earth.

Install a Center Piece

Add an appealing statuary piece to your yard and make the entire transformation complete. All good rooms have a focal point, and the same is the case with your yard. You can do this by adding a simple statue or maybe a beautiful birdbath.


Using these few simple methods you can bring a huge change to the outlook of your outdoor living area. You can make it appealing to your buyers, and if that’s not the case you will make your surroundings and life much more beautiful.

It’s a little bit of hard work but with some planning, you can achieve it over a weekend.

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