Trimming vs. Edging: What’s The Difference?

One of the realities of living in the Tampa Bay area is that we need to stay on top of our lawn maintenance.

Although growth does slow down in the winter months, we really do experience a year-round growing season; and with no snow to cover our lawns, they are visible 12 months per year.

Residents know that caring for a lawn involves weed control, disease and pest control, irrigation and scorch prevention.

And of course, there is the mowing.

During the spring and summer months, lawns often have to be mowed more than once per week.

In order to keep your property looking as pretty and well-manicured as possible, edging your lawn and trimming your lawn is necessary. Both of these activities accentuate the lines of your lawn and flower beds, and add the finishing touch to any well-maintained lawn.

Trimming Your Lawn

Most trimming is done with a gas or electric power tool called, of course, a trimmer. A trimmer is traditionally comprised of a nylon string which spins in a whipping motion to cut the grass, although some newer models incorporate reciprocating blades.

Most trimmers feature guards to help with flying grass and debris, but homeowners should never use these tools without protective eye gear and long pants, just in case. 

Trimmers make a horizontal cut and can be used anywhere that your lawn mower cannot effectively reach.

They are commonly used along sidewalks and walkways, or in tight spaces and along plant beds. Although some consider trimming extraneous work – especially because clippings will need to be swept up – it really does make your lawn beautifully stand out.

Trimming should result in the grass edges being level and flush with mower-cut grass. 
Do not trim too low, as this could result in the area looking “scalped”.

Edging Your Lawn

Edging is very similar to trimming, but is a vertical cut which establishes grass boundaries along driveways and sidewalks, primarily.

Like trimmers, edgers are generally powered by gas or electricity, although some do choose to use vertical cutting shears in small areas.

There are many options for you to choose from, so doing some research as to the lawn edging products the experts use can be a great help.

Many Florida lawns use grasses which are known to creep via stolons, such as the St. Augustine varieties.

These stolons can quickly overtake their boundaries and begin to cover areas they were not intended to – therefore edging becomes necessary to keep your lawn in line, literally.

When looking for products to use, lawn experts advise to look for edgers and trimmers which are cheap, lightweight, and straight. Buy a few replacement blades (or nylon strings) and you should be good to go for the season.

Keeping Your Tampa or Sarasota Lawn Beautiful

When it comes to guaranteeing a beautiful lawn, you can trust the experts at Big Earth Landscape Supply to help every step of the way. Whether deciding between St. Augustine, fescue or Bermuda grass varieties; learning the best times to seed and fertilize, or how to best keep pests at bay – we have the expertise, the products, and the advice you need to have the greenest lawn on your block.

Once you have the most admired property in the neighborhood, trimming and edging your lawn will be the cherry on top.

This year, don’t just mow your lawn – give it a complete manicure.