When Gravel Makes a Great Landscaping Choice

Many homeowners, especially those in hot weather climates, are increasingly turning to alternatives to traditional grass and sod landscaping. Not only are some areas prone to drought, and watering lawns is considered a luxury at times of the year; but the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has also caused concern. Not to mention, upkeep on Florida lawns can be constant, and mowing in 90 degree heat can become tiresome!

As xeriscaping has become more popular, Sarasota and Tampa homeowners are looking for alternative materials for their lawns and gardens – but they are not ready to sacrifice curb appeal and beauty. Gravel and rock are gorgeous options which can be easily added to your landscaping. Thinking of changing things up this year? Consider gravel!

Gravel and Rock Landscaping Ideas

  • Walkways and Sitting Areas: Carving areas out of your lawn which can be replaced by rock is easy to do, and will create a backyard landscape which is unique and beautiful. Add rock under shade trees, or use it to create winding pathways from your back door to your garden.
  • Dry Creekbeds: Dry creek landscape features are not only beautiful, but they will help if you have drainage issues during the rainy season. Fill with beautiful pebbles or gravel for an eye-catching element that is functional as well.
  • Natural Patios: Use seashell gravel to create lanai and patio areas which celebrate living in paradise. White beach pebbles are also a beautiful choice to showcase statuaries or tropical plants.
  • In Place of Mulch: Gravel products generally help to keep moisture from evaporating, and protect root systems better than mulch – both strong reasons to consider it for your flowerbeds.  Rock will not erode away, and some types, such as lava rock, also will not fade, making annual replacement less of an issue.

Popular Types of Gravel

You may be surprised at the versatility and variety available in gravel and rock products. Gravel is available in a wide range of colors to fit any Sarasota home or business landscape, and is offered in a myriad of sizes and textures. Browse Big Earth Landscape Supply’s online selection of gravel to find the product which is perfect for your project.

  • Beach Pebble: Beach pebbles is used for a variety of purposes. They come in varying color and size, and may also be smoothly polished. Beach pebble is considered decorative, and are often utilized on driveways, around pools, and on patios and decks.
  • Lava Rock: Generally speaking, three types of lava rock are used in landscaping: red-hot (brick colored), black, and sunset (combination of red and black).Lava rock does not fade, conserves moisture in the soil, helps control weeds and serves as a natural insulation for plant roots.
  • Rip-Rap: If you live along the water, rip-rap stone will help to prevent erosion and is effective for drainage. It covers dirt, clay, sand or  sparse vegetation with beautiful texture. Ri-rap is most commonly formed with granite or limestone.
  • Shell Gravel: This type of native gravel is made of seashells and is a low-cost alternative to other gravels. Shell gravel is often utilized for driveways in beach locations, or for industrial areas.

We Recommend: Brookstone gravel, featuring rocks of varying colors and sizes for a beautiful aesthetic perfect for any landscape.

Living in the Sarasota and Tampa area, we understand that the sun is hot, and dry months can wreak havoc on our landscaping. River rock, gravel and shell based products are a wonderful alternative to grass and mulch, and will give your home or business a unique and low-maintenance aesthetic sure to set you apart. Shop online, and Big Earth Landscape Supply will deliver to you!  We even provide a gravel calculator so you know how much to order.  It’s just that easy!