5 Ways to Reinvent Your Commercial Property Landscape

Whether to invite new clients or simply represent your business well, your commercial property landscaping should be unique and beautiful. A healthy, dynamic landscape design shows off your company’s personality and is compelling for prospective tenants. Refreshing, modern, and eye-catching landscaping choices are sure to impress those you are trying to attract to your property.

Perhaps you have owned your commercial property for years, or the property may be newly purchased and in need of a spruce up. Regardless of circumstance,if your Sarasota or Tampa commercial property could use a makeover, here are some helpful hints.

Re-Imagine Your Commercial Landscape

1. Pull Up Old, Dead or Sparse Landscaping: After a period of time, plants may grow leggy, die off, or dry out. Inspect your current beds and remove any landscaping which has seen better days. Then you will be able to determine if you can work with the current landscaping or completely start over.

2. Create a Plan and Design: You may wish to hire a professional landscape design firm to help you to plan out your design and strategy.  If you have a creative company, like a marketing firm, you can play a bit more with color and texture; while a law firm may choose a more professional display.  Your landscaper can help you to choose the best plants, trees and flowers both for the regional climate and design theme.

3.  Accentuate Important Areas: Depending on the nature of your business, different areas may need more attention. For instance, a hotel can make their entrance and lobby inviting and beautiful; an office building can line the walkway to their lobby with large planters and flowers; or an apartment complex may choose to surround ground floor apartments with plants which will deter entry. Generally, your new landscape design can guide people in the direction which you want them to go, and draw their eyes to the parts of your property you want them to see.

4. Think Outside the Nursery: While we often think of plants and flowers when we discuss landscape design, there are hundreds of other ways that you can enhance your property. Large stone monoliths, colorful gravel, statues, birdbaths and fountains are all architectural elements which can be incorporated into your property landscape. Paver walkways, gazebos for employees breaks, or a pergola for residents of an apartment complex to relax under will update and innovate the look of your commercial property.

5. Enjoy the Seasons: Ask your professional landscaper if there are options to easily switch out some of the landscaping as seasons change; delicate flowers for spring, hearty bushes and trees for summer, warm colors for fall, and drought tolerant blooms for winter.

The most important element in commercial landscape design is to keep your property looking top-notch at all times. Weekly maintenance is important year-round, whether clearing out dead plants or cleaning benches and walkways.

Your landscape supply company can help with advice as to herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers which you will need throughout the year; and the professionals at Big Earth Landscape Supply would also love to show you all of our unique ornamental pieces which can make your commercial property shine. Stop by one of our 4 area locations to find the perfect design pieces for your Sarasota, Bradenton, or Tampa area business.