What’s So Great About Zoysia Sod?

Zoysia sod is one of the most popular lawn and grass options in the Tampa and Sarasota area. In fact, if you take a drive through many Lakewood Ranch neighborhoods, you’ll see the lush green color of Zoysia across lawns and golf courses – Florida residents love this grass!

Zoysia Sod is Perfect for Florida Homeowners 

* Zoysia sod is a warm-season grass, which means it begins its growing season in late spring and continues through the hot summer months. Zoysia sod is known for its ability to stand up to heat, making it a perfect fit for hot and humid regions.

In fact, this sod prefers the sun, and is even suitable for strong southern exposure sunlight.

* Versatile Zoysia grass provides a homeowner with a beautiful green lawn – and asks for very little in return. It has low water and maintenance needs, and comes back year after year.

* Although no warm-season grass loves it when the temperature drops, Zoysia sod is more cold resistant than most species of grass. Once the chance of overnight frost is behind us, Zoysia sod is the first to green up again. No wonder so many Tampa area homeowners’ associations have made it the turf of choice.

More Reasons to Choose Zoysia Sod

* Zoysia turf provides a dense carpet of grass which is the result of both above ground stems (stolons) and underground stems (rhizomes). This combination makes it nearly impossible for most lawn weeds to penetrate.

* This thick grass is also exceptionally capable of handling heavy traffic, meaning it is great for those who love to run, play and entertain in their yards – not to mention for sports fields and golf courses.

A Few More Things to Know 

Although Zoysia sod seems to be the perfect grass for your home or business, there are a few maintenance tips you’ll want to keep in mind.

* Because of the density of the growth, Zoysia can develop thatch. Aeration and de-thatching should be done annually (in early spring).

* Sandy soils like ours may need more frequent watering. Watch for discoloration as a sign that your lawn needs hydrating.

Overall, if your goal is to grow a low maintenance, heat resistant and traffic tolerant lawn, Zoysia sod is tough to beat. Speak to the experts at Big Earth Landscaping Supply for more information and advice. On this popular product.

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