How to Choose the Best South Florida Grass for your Lawn

Florida is a diverse state, with many different climates. In North Florida and the Panhandle, home owners will experience cold weather and even occasional snow. In South Florida, property owners have to consider salt air and blazing sunlight. Because of this, you will want to choose cool weather grasses in the northern part of the state, and hot weather grasses which can withstand the humidity down south. If you have recently moved to the Tampa or Sarasota area, you may wonder what type of grass is best for your lawn. There is no doubt that different grasses thrive here as opposed to other parts of the country – so here is a quick and easy guide for what South Florida grass is best for your lawn.

Types of South Florida Grass

  • Saint Augustine Grass: St. Augustine grass and turf is probably the most common variety of grass grown in South Florida. It does well in tropical, subtropical, and coastal regions. This grass is considered medium-to-high maintenance – but when properly grown, will give you a lush, thick carpet of grass which will crowd out most weeds and thrive in our environment.
  • Zoysia Sod: Zoysia grasses do great in hot weather and are drought tolerant, which is an important feature during the winter months in South Florida. Zoysia actually prefers to be in direct sunlight, and exhibits low maintenance and minimal water requirements – although it does grow slowly. It is very dense, resists chinch bugs, and does well in high traffic areas. Zoysia grass has traditionally turned yellow at the first sign of cold, but newer varieties are proving even more cold tolerant – just in case we suffer a cold snap in January, which can occur.
  • Bermuda Grass: Bermuda grass requires full sun, making it a perfect South Florida grass. It is heat tolerant, drought tolerant, and salt tolerant – but it does require some maintenance to keep it looking lush and beautiful. For one thing, it does need excellent drainage, so in our region, it is important that your lawn drains well during our months of summer rain storms. The grass is fast growing and resilient, and is a favorite for athletic fields and golf courses, as it recovers from any stress very quickly. However, its rapid growth rate does require frequent mowing, especially during peak season. Keep in Mind: Bermuda grass does not do well in shady areas.

Other South Florida grasses you may wish to consider are centipede grass and Bahia varieties. If you are building a home or looking to re-sod your lawn, your choice of grass is very important based upon our climate. Speak to the professionals at Big Earth Landscape Supply to determine the pros and cons of each variety of South Florida grass. You may wish to mow less often, prevent against pests, or allow the shady areas of your lawn to grow vigorously – and these are all concerns which our experts can help you with. Whether considering a new lawn, deciding which soil is best for your tropical flowers, or looking for the perfect architectural touch for your home and garden – you will find what you are looking for at Big Earth Landscape Supply. Shop online now, or stop by one of our 4 area locations in the greater Tampa Bay area.