Unique Landscaping Elements for your Property

Real estate gurus will tell you that its all about the curb appeal. So if your landscaping is looking a bit lackluster, and you are looking for unique ways to add aesthetic appeal, how about considering some eye-catching decorations, stonework, or architecture? Spruce up the look of your property with one or more of these beautiful and unique landscaping elements.

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landscaping elements

Landscaping Elements – Ideas and Inspiration

Polished stone fountains: Not only are fountains gorgeous; they also create a more sensory experience with the sound of trickling water. Instead of going with a more traditional fountain, consider a design that incorporates a more natural feel, like artisanal polished boulder fountains. Water bubbles and flows over the gorgeous smooth surface of these fountains for a unique look that is sure to please. These large fountains vary in color, from black granite, to sunset-yellow onyx, to grey-and-pink variegated marble.

Euro Spheres:
If you want a more elemental appearance for your yard but still enjoy the idea of a gazing ball, you can consider a stone Euro sphere. These stone balls are usually 8-16” in diameter and sit on stands or pedestals in much the same way as a gazing ball. Their natural patterns and their smooth, rounded structure combine in an appealing balance of nature and sculpture.

Windchimes: While fairly common for yard decorations, windchimes are versatile and can be styled to fit a variety of landscape aesthetics. Small, metal chimes contribute to a whimsical experience, while ones made of hollow wood or bamboo sound more “zen”. Chimes made of shells fit perfectly into a more coastal yard.

Multi-hued gravel: Most gravel comes in a shade of grey or black. If you want to add a subtle yet gorgeous touch of color to your landscape, consider replacing some graveled areas with tumbled jade. The jade gravel has a mix of grey and green colors throughout, and the tumbling process polishes the stones so they will sparkle in the sunlight. Many types of rock will produce reddish-pink gravel, while others may have yellower tones.

Arched trellis: Improve the beauty of a garden walkway with an arched trellis. These can be made of wood slats, bent saplings tied together or metal rods, and are a great way to incorporate climbing plants and flowers into your landscape. When you train vine plants like wisteria, honeysuckle, ivy, or roses to grow over it, they create a magical, welcoming entrance or accent to a garden.

Unique raised garden beds: Improve the look of your raised garden beds by creating unique walls. Woven wicker adds earthy texture and a rustic look to your garden. For a fun appearance and a great project to involve the kids, paint raised beds in bright colors. For a cottage-look, line your raised garden walls with brick or flagstone. They will add eye-catching texture and patterning to your garden walls. You could even decorate cement slabs and affix them to the walls of your raised bed to add a more personal touch.

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