DIY Vertical Pallet Garden

Have some extra time on your hands? Raise your herb garden to the next level using wooden pallets to create gorgeous vertical arrangements that double as decorations for your home and yard.  A vertical pallet garden allows you to maximize the space you have while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your yard. Using wooden pallets is a win-win as well—a business can get rid of pallets they have no use for, and you get inexpensive upcycled crafting supplies.


Where Can I Find Pallets?

Wooden pallets are available for purchase in bulk, but when looking for just a couple, you can ask local businesses. You can check hardware stores, grocery stores, pet stores, or gardening centers — any place that receives large product shipments. They are often more than happy to let you take pallets for free or a negligible cost.

A quick Google search will give you endless inspiration for different vertical pallet garden styles and arrangements. Here are three examples to give you an idea of some popular designs.

Simple Pallet Garden: Use a standard size pallet (48”x40”) to create this garden. Remove some crossbeams if you desire taller growing space for your herbs. Decorate the pallet, then use a staple gun to affix landscape fabric between the layers of the pallet. This creates pockets in which to plant. Alternatively, hang pots from the crossbeams for a whimsical “floating” effect. Lean your pallet where you can easily access the herbs while cooking.

Mini Pallet Garden: This is a great option for kids! Use a lightweight 30”x30” pallet, which is easily affixed to the side of a house or hung. Let your children decorate their pallet and choose 3 or 4 herbs they want to grow. Hang the mini-pallets in an area that is easily accessible for kiddos, but out of the way of hungry rabbits and squirrels.

The Centerpiece: If you have a larger space available, consider creating an eye-catching vertical centerpiece for your yard. Attach two pallets to create a square against a corner fence or arrange four in a box formation for a towering three-dimensional garden. You don’t have to stick with herbs—plant stunning flowers, or create living walls with moss and spiller plants that hide the pallets with their greenery.

Herbs to Grow in Your Pallet Garden

Many herbs grow just as well in a vertical pallet garden as they would in a windowbox or garden bed. You may want to consider choosing plants that have a shallow root system, as the “beds” created from landscape fabric for most pallet gardens are about 8” or less. Chives, oregano, thyme, and tarragon all need only 6” for their roots to grow best, and basil, parsley, and cilantro grow well with about 8”. Other herbs can still do well so long as their needs are met; they simply won’t grow as large as they would in deeper soil.

When arranging your herbs, consider their different sun and water requirements. If your pallet is leaning against the side of your house, one half may receive more light than the other, so place sun-loving and shade-tolerant herbs accordingly. Water your garden frequently—the shallow soil and lack of significant insulation mean the soil dries out quickly in our Florida heat. For best performance, use potting soil with perlite and fertilize with a fish emulsion at half strength once every two weeks.

You can order what you need from Big Earth Landscape Supply – from potting soil to fertilizer and gardening tools, we have everything necessary to start an amazing vertical pallet garden.