Create Simple DIY Garden Trellises

Are you looking for new ways to create interesting outdoor spaces? Many fun and beautiful plants are climbers, including tomatoes, beans, morning glories, ivy, passionflower, and honeysuckle. Providing vines plentiful climbing opportunities is one easy way to add color and vibrancy to your yard. And while you may not be the handiest of homeowners, we have some ideas for simple DIY garden trellises.

With just a few supplies and some inspiration, you can have a beautiful trellis garden that will be the envy of the neighbors.

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Garden Trellises You Can Make Today

Metal T-post Garden Trellis

Materials needed: two 5’ or 6’ metal T-posts, spray paint, 15 small branches, twine or zip ties and a mallet.

Two T-post stakes form the backbone of this trellis. We recommend 5 or 6’ posts, since you will need to drive them 18-24” into the soil for stabilization, leaving 3-4 feet above the ground. Spray paint the stakes however you like–neutral brown or black provide a sleeker look, while a fun color can bring another touch of brightness to your garden. Drive the stakes into the ground about 2’ apart at your preferred location. Next, collect ~15 small branches ½”-1” in diameter and 2.5-3’ in length. Use twine or zip ties to secure the branches horizontally between the T-posts. T-posts are excellent because the regularly-spaced stud holes make securing the twigs easy and help maintain equal spacing.

Tapering Wooden Ladder Trellis

Materials needed: Three saplings/branches about 2.5” in diameter at the base (length is up to you), handsaw, branch clippers/pruning shears, masking tape, drill, sheetrock screws.

This tapering wooden ladder is perfect for odd corners of the garden. Determine the height you would like your ladder trellis to be; 4-6’ will work well standing up against most fences. Cut three fairly-straight saplings about 2.5” in diameter at the base that are the desired height. Use branch clippers to remove everything from the trunks. Saw one of the saplings into sections; these will be secured to the other two saplings as the rungs of your ladder trellis. Lay the two long saplings on the ground, angling them so that the tops are a few inches closer to each other than the bases. Use masking tape to place the horizontal rungs where you would like; adjust them as needed. Once you are happy with the layout, one-by-one remove the masking tape and secure them with sheetrock screws. Lean your ladder trellis against the fence and enjoy. You can even decorate the ladder when not training plants to climb it; wrap faux flowers and vines, hang decorative pots or brighten that corner with strings of lights.

Bamboo and Twine Trellis

Materials needed: four pieces of bamboo (two 4’ long, two 3’ long), twine

Of all garden trellises, this one is amazingly simple to create; get the kids involved for a fun family project. First, lay the two 4’ posts parallel on the ground, about 2.5 feet apart. Next, lay the two 3’ posts horizontally on top of the other posts–one should sit just a couple inches below the top, and the other should sit approximately 10” above the bottom. Use twine to secure these horizontal posts in place. This will form a square frame with two 10” legs. Gently pound the legs into the soil where your plants will be, so that the bottom of the square frame sits about two inches above the ground. Tie twine to one corner of the frame and run it up and down between the two horizontal posts, creating a vertical zigzag formation. Tie off the twine, and as your plants grow tall enough, train them to climb the twine.

With the right gardening tools and a little inspiration, it’s incredible what you can create. We think the best place to be inspired in the Sarasota and Tampa area is Big Earth Landscape Supply – browse our stores or shop online for gardening ideas that go above and beyond the norm.