Local Sites That Offer Landscaping Inspiration

If you are new to the Tampa Bay and Sarasota area, you may have noticed that our gardens and landscaping beds look a little different than those up north. That is because our sub-tropical climate and year-round temperate weather allow us to grow some gorgeous and exotic plants which would never fare well up North. Conversely, some of your favorite plants and flowers may not do well in Florida heat. So if you are new to town, here are a couple of places which you can explore for a beautiful dose of landscaping inspiration.

First and foremost, we recommend taking a walk around your own neighborhood. You can see firsthand how certain plants look, and you can visually assess how they look full grown. You may even meet some new neighbors while you are at it, if you have the desire to knock on their door and ask about what they have planted. This is especially useful as different areas tend to have different soils, so you can be reassured that if it is already growing well in your neighbor’s yard, it is likely to grow well in yours.

You can also visit local nurseries and hothouses to see what they recommend. This allows you to pick the brains of professionals who grow these plants for a living. Nurseries provide landscaping inspiration paired with knowledge!

Popular Sarasota & Tampa Attractions

However, if you would like to combine some sightseeing of your new home and landscaping inspiration, Sarasota and Tampa offer several well-loved spots to go.

Selby Botanical Gardens: Known for its world-renowned collection of orchids, Selby Gardens sits on gorgeous Bayfront property and offers hours of amazing viewing of exotic flora. Whether you want to check out types of orchids, air plants, or even trees from around the world which flourish in Tampa Bay, this is a popular destination for many. You can also learn which flowers work best in butterfly gardens, as well as how to utilize plants for conservation purposes.

Sarasota Garden Club: The Garden Club was established in 1927, and has providing locals with a gorgeous backdrop for events and weddings for 93 years. Native and tropical plants are available for viewing at any time, at no charge. The park-like setting is a wonderful place to learn about all types of plants and flowers as you stroll along the Bayfront location.

Tampa’s Botanical Gardens: As a major city, Tampa actually has in excess of 20 botanical gardens to peruse, two of the most popular being the Florida Botanical Gardens, and the USF Botanical Gardens. Both give you a unique experience, immersing you in local and native trees and flowers. Be sure to bring a notepad to write down anything that sparks your interest!

Update: The current situation in the United States regarding COVID-19 has likely delayed your visit to any of these sites for the time being. We do recommend that you browse their sites, as well as other local gardening sites, in order to gather the information you need to make your garden gorgeous this spring!

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