How To Create A Play Yard for Children

children's play area

If you have run out of ways to entertain the kids AND they have met their screen time limit, it’s time to go outside. Create a play yard that is sure to entertain your child(ren) for hours. Just pick up a few materials at your local Big Earth, gather supplies you already have at home and voilà – you are on your way to play yard success.

Play Yard Shopping List

Once you have all of your materials gathered at home, layout the area for your play yard. We suggest picking a spot in your lawn that is somewhat shaded and away from any hazards (like water or roadways). Small shell is a great base (and also great digging material – feedback from a two year old) or you can use a shredded mulch. Spread out your base material in the area where your play yard will be set up.

stepping stone educationNext, lay out your stepping stones on an old bed sheet or piece of cardboard. Use spray paint in the primary colors, like red, yellow, orange, green and blue to paint the stepping stones. Side note: Paint and a brush would work too, but we prefer spray paint – work smarter, not harder right? Then place the stepping stones as desired. Remember, to place the stones as sturdy as possible in the base and within reasonable distance apart for children.

If you want to go an extra step (see what we did there?) and really bump up the educational value of your play yard, paint numbers on the stepping stones! Your children will be reciting colors, practicing numbers AND playing outside!

Sand boxes are a timeless source of fun for kids and are a staple in most play yards. Mason sand from Big Earth is perfect to use in sand boxes. It is soft enough to play with and kids are sure to track it into the house in every crevice you never knew existed. While mason sand is available by the cubic yard, you do not have to buy a full yard. We actually suggest using containers like recycle bins, trash cans or 5-gallon buckets to purchase the sand. These containers will help keep the sand contained and make it more manageable for parents to install. Most sand boxes call for 0.20-0.40 cubic yards of soil. If you need help figuring out how much sand you need, you can use our bulk calculator.

Playing outside used to be a thing of the past, but with a little help from Big Earth, you can bring it back. Not only is creating an outdoor play yard fun for kids, it is educational too!

Review your play yard shopping list, then order online for delivery or FREE same day pick up at any Big Earth location.