Creative Poolscaping

As much as we love the sunshine, it is no wonder that Floridians spend a lot of time enhancing our outdoor areas. From patios for sunbathing, to lanais for entertaining and gazebos for reading – our outdoor spaces are as important to us as the indoor square footage. We have full outdoor kitchens, firepits and gardens, and of course, beautiful pools. If your family practically lives outside, and you are lucky enough to have a private pool – consider some of these creative poolscaping ideas to make it truly beautiful.

A pool in Sarasota or Tampa is different than up north – our pools are tropical, used nearly all year long, and often full of beauty or whimsy.
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Poolscaping Trends We Love

  • Rainforest Oasis: We are all familiar with the sundrenched, inground pool surrounded by concrete. To change it up, some homeowners are taking their style cues from the tropical rainforest and building lush oases. By replacing traditional gunite and blue tiles with a dark green concrete flecked with gold, your pool takes on the look of a jungle waterhole. Surround the area with dark slate or natural stone, and plant palms, banana trees and hibiscus flowers. If you are really inspired, add a waterfall made of Florida caprock. You’ll never want to leave.
  • Zen Nirvana: Create a peaceful and serene space with bamboo walls, Far eastern statues, and bubbling fountains. Be creative with lush green plantings, and add stereo speakers embedded in the rocks to pipe in relaxing, meditative tones to drift off by. Don’t forget the perfect chaise chairs, and a few floating loungers to complete the mood.
  • Royal (Palm) Treatment: If you have a long, skinny pool, line each side with palm trees with fronds which meet in the middle, overshadowing the pool. The overall feel will be of seclusion and luxury, as sentry palms stand at attention over you. Add a wall fountain at the end of the pool to add to the elegance and regal atmosphere.
  • Lazy River: If you have the space, add a lazy river of gently flowing water to snake around your backyard and return you to the main pool. Add a swim up bar under a shaded overhang, and you’ll have a 5 star resort right in your own backyard. Don’t forget to have plenty of inner tubes for the family and friends who flock to your home on a hot summer day to float lazily around in circles.
  • Illuminated Drama: We’ve already mentioned experimenting with colored concrete to create an entirely different and exotic look. You can also add lighting in and around the pool to illuminate the area in any number of ways. Soft and romantic, colored and dramatic, contemporary or mystical, the right lighting will turn your outdoor pool into a magical destination once the sun goes down.
  • Natural Features: Add a sandy beach and gradual walk-in to simulate being at the shoreline, complete with umbrellas and lifeguard stand. Or perhaps you prefer to add an area of river rock and floating lily pads to evoke your favorite deep-woods ponds and lakes. Adding organic elements turns your pool from a concrete addition to a natural attraction.

Need More Inspiration? Check out the poolscaping ideas on Pinterest.

Whether adding a waterfall, surrounding the area with tumbled glass, or planting tropical flowers all around – there are thousands of ways you can enhance a standard backyard pool. Poolscaping possibilities are limited only to your imagination – and you will find all the rocks, boulders, tile, statues, fountains and design ideas you’ll need at Big Earth Landscape Supply. Visit any one of our four area locations, and be ready for summer!