Use Florikan 14-5-14 To Get Your Lawn Ready For Spring!

Last time you saw us on videos, we were bundled up and the high temperature of the day was in the mid-50s. Things have certainly changed and that means that spring is on its way. Temperatures are warmer. Things are starting to bloom and we want to get you ready for spring.

At Big Earth Landscape Supply, we have everything that you need to get your lawn and garden in shape for spring. The most important thing about spring is to get your lawn and garden ready for the hot temperatures and the rainy days.

The important thing is to fertilize for blooms and we recommend using our Florikan 14-5-14. It’s perfect for any blooming plant, annual or perennials. The benefit of 14-5-14 is that you only have to apply two times per year. It’s a 180-day controlled release fertilizer. So two applications per year will keep your plants blooming and healthy all throughout the year.

If you’re installing new landscape plants or sod this spring, we highly suggest using Die Hard products. The Die Hard products help absorb the shock of a new installation and help generate a healthy root system so that your plants or sod can thrive.

When using Die Hard transplant for new plant installations, it helps absorb shock, increase the growth of the root system and maintains the health of your soil so that your plants are more successful.

It also requires less chemicals because your plants are healthier overall. With new landscapes come water management and it’s important to make sure that you water or irrigate new installations properly.

When plants or sod are beginning the establishing period, it’s important to water frequently. It’s hard to remember or sometimes our schedules just don’t add up. So try Hortizorb from Big Earth Landscape Supply.

Hortizorb is great to use with new landscape plant installations or sod. It’s a small crystal that expands when met with water and it holds water and slowly feeds that to your new vegetation, plants or sod.

When planting your new spring landscape or sod installation, be sure to stop by Big Earth Landscape Supply to make sure that your plants are strong and healthy for the upcoming season.