The Right Tool for the Job

To some, a shovel is a shovel, but selecting the right shovel can make the job a lot easier. Take a closer look at our selection of shovels, to be sure you choose the right one for the job.

Square Point

Easily one of the most common shovels, the square point is perfect for scraping or scooping loose materials, such as soil, sand, gravel or mulch from a hard surface like a sidewalk. Our square point shovels have slightly upturned sides to help keep material contained on the shovel.

Round Point:

The go-to shovel when a job requires precision and accuracy is the round point shovel, which is great for digging, transplanting, removing plants or searching for a broken irrigation line. Our round point shovels are up for any task, from piercing soil to chopping roots and everything in between.


Our Caprock shovels are STRONG and great for irrigation repairs and planting or removing trees and shrubs. Ideal for vertical digging, chopping or prying roots and hard soil, our caprock shovels, available with a fiberglass or steel handle, are a must have tool for homeowners and professionals.


A poly scoop is the perfect tool for picking up mulch, while an aluminum scoop will easily pick up gravel, shell and sand. A scoop can slide along a truck bed, trailer, sidewalk or driveway and take a big bite out of the material you’re working with.


Most commonly used when working with irrigation, the name practically gives it away: a trenching shovel helps dig and clear trenches. Our trenching shovels feature a fiberglass handle, a sharp, pointed tip and squared sides to produce clean trench walls and minimize disruption of the surrounding soil.


Although they can perform similar tasks, a shovel and a spade are not the same. A spade has a flat tip and is built in nearly a straight line, so all force is transferred to the cutting edge, when driven into the ground. A spade is used for cutting roots for transplant, defining a garden bed or scraping soil.