The Pottery Collection at Big Earth Supply

Spring is just around the corner and the Big Earth pottery collection is a great way to accent your landscape, your pool area or even an entryway at your front door.

We’ve got a variety of pottery here in our Sarasota location as well as our palmetto stores.

Now one of the benefits of our pottery is that you can also shop online by size, shape, width, height and even color.

Shopping the Big Earth pottery collection is actually really easy, every single one of our pots have a sticker that has the price as well as the height and the dimensions.

On the sticker, it also has the item number as well as the color. This one is C three which means that it’s an aqua pot and then A, it means that it’s the largest pot in this collection.

If you see a B. C. Or D, there is other sets in the collection as well.

The Big Earth pottery collection is made in Vietnam and then shipped to us in containers.

No two pieces are alike, they’re handmade. So, every single piece is going to be different, a color that you might see on one pot is going to vary from the next just depending on how it’s created, fired glaze and presented to us upon delivery.

Thanks to the variety of the Big Earth pottery collection, you can use pots anywhere to accent your landscape, your garden, your pool or anything that suits you.

For example, this pot would be great on a pool deck with the wide rim and the jar top, whereas this pot might be great for an entryway. It’s that time of year again, this spruce up your lawn or garden with pottery from the Big Earth pottery collection, add color, a little unique pottery and some more pizzazz to your lawn and landscape.