Florida Spring Cleaning for the Landscape

In south Florida, spring comes early – so you don’t have to wait until March to do your spring cleaning. For those of us who live so much of our lives outdoors, spring cleaning isn’t limited to inside the home. If your lawn looks a little tired after the winter drought and cool weather, take some time to spruce it up and get it ready for another successful growing season. Here are a few ideas to help you figure out where to start.
florida landscape tips

  • Remove debris. If you’re a snowbird or have just taken this winter nice and slow, your yard may need some spring cleaning attention. Pick up sticks, rake up dead leaves, and remove broken branches. Not only does this help your lawn look nicer aesthetically, but it also frees up space to get started on other spring tasks.
  • Refresh your mulch. Now is a good time of year to remove decayed mulch and replace it with a fresh layer. This will best help your soil retain moisture and keep your plants’ roots cool as the temperatures begin to climb once again.
  • Identify the weeds. Examine your lawn closely, and identify the weeds growing amid your turf. By knowing exactly what is growing in your lawn, you will best be able to tackle it and avoid seriously damaging your turf grass in the process. While herbicides are an option, you can also try hand-pulling or simply mowing regularly to prevent the weeds from going to seed.
  • Get a soil test done. Before applying any fertilizers, it’s best to get a soil test. The results will help inform your decision as to what nutrient ratio to use to get the healthiest lawn possible. Your local county extension office will have information on where to get the test kits and how to send them off to a lab for testing.
  • Make this year’s plans for your garden. Determine what vegetables and herbs you’d like to grow this year, and create a layout of your garden beds so that you know you have enough space for all the crops you’d like to grow. Make a list of any changes you want to make to your landscaping, or of plants that you’ve dreamed of adding to your landscape for years.
  • Stock up on necessities. Go through your bags of fertilizer, seed, and potting soil (if you have vegetable gardens or potted plants). Get rid of any bags that have been exposed to water, or ones where the grass seed has sprouted, and replace them with what you anticipate needing for this season.
  • Check your tools. Check your hand tools for cracked handles or rust, and sharpen your pruners. Your mower likely needs some attention as well–sharpen the blade, check the level of the deck and oil, and make sure the spark plugs and air filter are functioning properly.
  • Calibrate your sprinklers. You likely changed the watering schedule over the winter, and now it’s about time to begin changing it back. Go over your sprinkler heads and irrigation system to make sure it’s all working correctly. The heads may have gotten turned during the winter, so double check those to make sure they’re facing the correct direction (and not wasting water by pointing at a fence or wall).

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