Small Landscaping Project, Big Impact

Is the view staring out at your yard uninspiring? If you want to make a change without breaking the bank, consider a small landscaping project to spruce up your curb appeal. But before you get started, remember – just because your project is small, doesn’t mean it can’t have a big impact!

gardener mulching flower bed with pine bark mulch


  • Add or change a garden path:Sometimes you don’t need to change your surroundings, but how you move through them! Revamping a path can be as simple or intensive as you like. To make a new path quickly and easily, try laying wooden planks or a few stepping stones. You only have to dig ½-1 inch before you can set these materials in the ground–and if one breaks, it’s easily removed and replaced! If you want something more permanent, laying pavers or gravel may be the choice for you. They require a bit more effort to install but provide a path that is more stabilized.
  • Clean things up: It may seem simple, but tidying up makes a big, immediate difference. Rake up and remove any debris that’s fallen on your lawn and garden beds, prune overgrown shrubs and bushes, and remove dead limbs and branches from your woody plants.
  • Try white flowers: Most people go for as much color as possible when it comes to their garden, but white flowers also have a lot to offer. They attract nighttime pollinators like moths and bats, and almost seem luminescent in the evenings. Hydrangeas, lilies, gardenias, moonflowers, and star jasmine are great options for white Florida landscaping flowers.
  • Plan to refresh your mulch: A new layer of mulch adds rich, vibrant color to garden beds and around trees. It immediately provides aesthetically-pleasing contrast and a fresh appearance.
  • Clean up your landscaped edges: If you opt not to refresh your mulch, you can still rake it out. Turn it over to fluff it up and expose mulch with more color, and fix any edges where it has spilled out of the bed or onto the grass. Crisp, clean edges will make your landscape immediately look much better. You can add edging to your garden beds to maintain edges as well–options such as plastic lining, low brick walls, or even woven edging out of bamboo stakes and willow branches are relatively inexpensive, simple, and refreshing.
  • Add simple exterior lighting: Exterior lights cause many people to shy away, but it’s an excellent way to improve your yard. Solar-powered lights can be installed to guide guests down steps, meander along paths, or highlight garden beds. These simple fixtures are zero-effort once set in the ground but give your landscape a whimsical glow at night. If you’re looking for more, string lights along deck bannisters and pagodas for some lovely mood lighting.
  • Heat things up with a fire feature: Fire is another great way to light up your backyard evenings and add some excitement as well! There are many inexpensive options for fire features that you can bring to your landscape today such as small chimineas or lightweight metal fire pits. With your new fire feature and a few chairs, you can enjoy long nights (and plenty of s’mores!) with friends and family.

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