Putting in a New Swimming Pool

With summer coming to a close, you’re likely reflecting on the memories you made and the fun you had. If you wish you had been able to spend more time in the water, it may be time to put in your own swimming pool. An inground pool can bring a lot of entertainment value to your backyard, and serves as a gorgeous landscape addition.

In the Sarasota and Tampa area, we are lucky that we can easily install a pool over the winter months. Even though the summer season is ending, now is the perfect time to begin planning your new pool. It is a long process that can take around six months; if you start soon, your new pool will be ready to enjoy next summer. Here are a few guiding steps as you plan the pool of your dreams.

Cascading water feature in a high-end pool, evoking a sense of serenity and providing a soothing soundscape.

Assemble Your Team

Constructing a large inground pool is not a DIY project. It requires skilled architects and contractors to construct a safe, long-lasting pool. Research pool construction companies in your area, and obtain quotes from a few different ones to compare them.

Some companies have in-house architects, while others require that you hire one separately. These professionals will work with you to design the pool you want while ensuring your vision complies with local government pool regulations; for example, most governments have rules stating how far from any property line or fence line a pool must be.

Inground pools must also have a fence surrounding them to protect pets and children from accidentally falling in. While you gather information on the contractors in your area, take this time to pinpoint what you would like your pool and surrounding landscape to look like.

Purpose of the Swimming Pool

While you may think this is an obvious questions, there are actually many possible goals for building a pool. Do you like to swim laps, or host large parties, or do you mainly want to give your kids a place to play and cool off? Knowing how you want to use the pool will help when making design decisions like how deep it should be, the shape, and whether there are additions like a jacuzzi or diving board.

Your contractor will go over their specific capabilities for different shapes and sizes, but it will help to have an idea of how you’d like the finished product to look. Rectangular pools will be best for swimming laps, while pools with irregular curved edges create a more natural feel to blend in with your landscape. Kids who love to swim will appreciate a deep end, while a shallow pool throughout makes a great escape from the heat during a cocktail party.

Landscaping Around Your Swimming Pool

Your new pool can be an amazing complement your landscape – and vice versa.

  • Add to the relaxing, sensory experience of floating in a pool by installing fountains nearby, next to or even in your pool. Zen fountains and bird baths are beautiful options.
  • Hardy, humidity-loving plants that can withstand being splashed by the chlorinated water can be planted to turn your backyard pool into a tropical oasis– try banana trees, zebra grass, bird of paradise, and hibiscus for beautiful pool garden-scaping.
  • Use stone to create a striking lanai or pool deck – from sculptures to inlaid tile, natural stone can add a classic feel.
  • For even more of a resort-feel, set up some poolside hammocks or mini-bar. If your goal is maximum relaxation, adding gravel and stone paths around the pool establish a calm and serene aesthetic.

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