Hire A Professional Landscaper – or DIY?

We live in a world of DIY and YouTube videos – no matter what you want to learn to do, there is a tutorial readily available.

But if you are planning a landscaping project, should you attempt to learn about it on your own, or should you hire a professional landscaper? It depends on your level of expertise, comfort level with handyman-type projects, and knowledge base. Here are some ideas about lawn and garden projects which you may not have thought about.

professional landscaper

Lawncare Challenges: Anyone can fertilize a lawn, or mow once per week. However, if you are new to our South Florida sandy soil, pH levels and insects infestations, your lawn may be more of a project than you expected. Many Sarasota and Tampa area residents do hire a lawncare company, both to tackle these issues as well as to avoid being out in the hot sun, especially in the summertime. Still, if you have the will to do so, lawn care is easily a DIY chore, with a little education and preparation.

Plant Choice: Experts report that most homeowners choose flowers and plants based solely on their favorite flowers and colors. However, it is important to understand your soil type in order to choose plants which will thrive. You should also base plant selection on our unique climate, including each plant’s ability to withstand overnight frost or handle our drought season. Many homeowners also make the mistake of installing plants based on their current size, not aware of how big they will grow – and often end up with a messy or overgrown bed in need of constant maintenance. If you are not familiar with the native flora of this region, you can visit a local landscape supply company – or even visit our beautiful botanical gardens for inspiration. If you are an accomplished gardener, you likely only need to educate yourself on these particular plants. However, if you have never gardened before, you may be better off hiring a professional landscaper to handle all the nuances of tropical climate plants.

Tree Care: While many people do attempt tree maintenance on their own, this is one area that is typically best to leave to the pros. Trimming trees can be dangerous, but diagnosing disease and knowing where to prune can be an exact science. If you do decide to trim palm trees, be careful to watch for thorns which can be quite painful. Never trim these trees without long sleeves, heavy gloves, and extreme caution! Our insect and fungus species can kill the entire tree if not removed correctly, and trees grow so fast that pruning is often a monthly event. For safety and convenience, you may wish to hire a professional landscaper or tree company.

Hardscaping: The term hardscaping refers to landscape elements such as pavers, concrete blocks, stone, walls, decks or patios. Only the most talented homeowners should take on these projects, which can be costly, difficult, and involve very heavy materials. Many of these projects may also require permits from the town or approvals from your community association – so having a professional onsite who is familiar with the process is defintely an asset. Hauling very heavty materials can be too much for your private vehicle, and the projects tend to be complex and time consuming. A professional landscaper experienced in hardscape design is a great ally to have in these situations. ALso, if you would like to add birdbaths, fountains or statues, someone with an artistic eye may be of great use.

In the end, the choice between a professional landscaper and a DIY project is yous to make based on your own comfort level. Whartever you choose, you can count on Big Earth Landscape Supply for all of the supplies you’ll need for a beautiful home and garden.