Euro Quarries Items Available at Big Earth Supply

We love Euro Quarries’ line of products, and you can find a wide variety at any of your local Big Earth Supply locations.

At Big Earth Landscape Supply, we stock a selection of Euro Quarries at our Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto, and Tampa locations.

Euro Quarries are imported from Europe and Asia and include a variety of stones, gravels, benches, stepping stones, fountains, and even monoliths.

We love Euro Quarries at Big Earth Landscape Supply and we are confident you will too.

The pieces are so unique and have so much character that they will make the perfect addition to your Florida family home or garden.

One of Big Earth Landscape Supply’s most popular stones, with all of our customers, is our Santorini tiles. They have a variety of uses. A lot of people love to paint on them but they’re also great to use in your landscape or garden.

Santorini tiles are such a popular option for a Florida Landscape because the pure bright white color really pops against our green landscape.

Not only are Santorini Tiles great for your landscape a lot of our customers also enjoy painting on them.

The Euro Quarries boulders that are imported from Europe are absolutely magnificent. You really can’t find anything like this locally, in the state of Florida, or, even in the United States.

The different types of boulders like Wood Rock, Amber gold, Royal Rainbow, and Spaghetti Rock are an incredibly unique addition to your lawn and garden. And something that will be sure to make your neighbors slow down and take notice.

After a long day of working out in the yard, you definitely need somewhere to rest. Euro Quarries has you covered in that department too with a variety of benches that are slate, onyx, and basalt. Euro Quarries adds the perfect focal point to your landscape with their benches.