Best Summer Mowing Tips

In the heat of summer, grass grows rapidly. Between the long sunlit days and the ample rainstorms, your lawn is likely in need of more mowing than any time during the rest of the year. How can you be sure that you are maintaining your lawn efficiently and guaranteeing healthy, long-lasting yard? These summer mowing tips will help you get the best result from your efforts, and maybe even cut down on the maintenance and attention your grass requires.

summer lawncare

Follow These Summer Mowing Guidelines

  • Take care of your mower: Lawn mowers require regular maintenance to run well. Check that your mower is working properly before each use, and never attempt to run the mower when it is in need of repairs. Keep the blades clean and sharpened, as dull, dirty blades are less efficient and can even cause damage to your lawn. When a dull blade is used to cut grass, it leaves the grass looking ragged and susceptible to disease and pest attacks.
  • Set your deck level: It is important not to give your lawn a crew cut. Chopping the grass too low leaves your lawn looking patchy, weakens the grass’s root systems, and allows weeds to germinate quickly on areas of the soil that are exposed to sunlight. Research the ideal maintenance height for the sod you have on your lawn and set your deck level accordingly.
  • Check your lawn:Before beginning to mow, remove any debris and rocks from your lawn that could cause damage to the mower or become a projectile if hit by the blades. You should also search for rabbit nests. If you find one, mark the area so you know to avoid harming the kits.
  • Avoid mowing wet grass: Wet grass will stick to the mower blades, causing clumping and possibly clogging up the mower deck. Mowing in wet conditions will leave ruts and damage the lawn by tearing the grass’ roots. Additionally, when you cut wet grass, the blades become susceptible spreading fungus and infections that occur more easily in wet conditions.
  • Mow in the mid-morning: Between 8am and 10am is an optimum time to mow your lawn. Much of the morning dew has dried, so you can avoid clogging your mower or leaving ruts. Cutting at this point also significantly lowers the chances of fungal diseases infecting your lawn, which is a common issue when grass is cut closer to nightfall. Not to mention, getting your yard mowed before the mid-afternoon heat is always a plus!
  • Vary your mowing direction: Grass tends to grow in the direction you mow; if you always mow in the same direction, it is likely your grass will begin growing slanted that way. Alternate among different directions each time you cut your lawn to encourage more upright grass growth.
  • Leave the grass clippings on the lawn: Many people remove the clippings after mowing and throw them away. However, this practice wastes water and nutrients stored in the cuttings that could naturally water and fertilize your lawn as they decompose. You can enjoy a healthier lawn by leaving the clippings where they lay.

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