Best Flowering Trees for South Florida

We believe there is no more beautiful place to live than South Florida. There is nothing quite like the bright sunshine, blue skies and palm trees we see in all directions; and tropical plants and flowers add the color and vibe of paradise.

When you are looking to create striking landscaping for your Tampa area home or business, adding flowering trees is a great choice – but not just any tree will do. You will have to take into account your specific environment. For instance are you close to salt water?

Can the tree handle our annual season of drought? These are important questions in our part of the state.

Here is a short list of some varieties which will not only look beautiful, but will thrive in our climate, and we recommend that you consider for your landscaping needs.

Jacaranda Tree: This popular tree showcases lavender flowers and is a staple in Florida landscaping. It handles periods of drought well, and has been known to grow to heights reaching 40 feet. However, the tree is also known for being a bit fragile, with brittle bark and branches which are easily broken. Therefore, you may want to position these trees away from any property or cars which may be damaged by falling branches in a storm.

Dwarf Ponciana: As its name indicates, the dwarf ponciana is a compact tree, making it perfect for smaller areas. It exhibits leaves that resemble ferns and has brilliant blossoms in shades of yellow, orange-yellow, or pink. Once established, the tree is moderately tolerant to both salt air and drought, making it a perfect South Florida choice.

When left on its own, it resembles an ornamental shrub, or it can be trimmed to expose the trunk.

The dwarf poinciana can even be grown in large pots, giving you ultimate flexibility as to placing the tree anywhere.

Chorisia Speciosa (Silk Floss) Tree: One of the most aesthetically stunning trees on the list, the exotic silk floss tree exhibits a green, thorny trunk and large, generous flowers. Reaching as much as six inches across, the blooms come in either pink or white and are reminiscent of hibiscus flowers.

The tree will require moist soil, so should be irrigated; it also grows best in medium to full sun. If you love bird watching, this tree often attracts local green parrots.

Verawood Tree: The Verawood tree is fast growing option that offers bright yellow blooms several times a year. The tree is very versatile – you can allow it to grow naturally into several trunks, or trim it back early for a tall, strong single trunk tree.

Trim it often, and the tree will stay small to medium sized, or let it grow on its own and you’ll have an impressive shade tree. The Verawood does well in most soil, as long as there is drainage. It can sustain periods of drought and can handle a moderate exposure to salt spray as well.

Cassia Fistula Tree: Known as South Florida’s apple blossom tree, the cassia tree offers beautiful blossoms which appear in summer and sometimes again in fall. There are several types of cassia tree. Cassia fistula (The Golden Shower Tree) is recognized by its opulent, cascading flower groupings, and can grow up to 30 feet tall. If you are looking for a smaller option, the petite Desert Cassia reaches only 10 feet tell and also exhibits golden flowers.

All varieties are salt-tolerant and enjoy sunlight. But best of all, they are known to attract both butterflies and hummingbirds, making them an interesting and beautiful addition to your landscaping.

If you are considering adding flowering trees to your South Florida property, don’t be afraid to ask around as to your best options based on your needs and environment.

Big Earth Landscape Supply is here to help with any fertilizer, food, or soil you may need to make your trees and flowers as beautiful as possible!