Architectural Landscaping Transforms Your Yard

With 2020 stretching ahead of us, there are many new year resolutions which will come and go. But if your resolution is to make your home and garden more beautiful in the new year, we have got some great ideas.

Start by bookmarking the website for Big Earth Landscape Supply, and visit us often – you may be surprised by what you find. While you may think of Big Earth as just grass seed, sod and fertilizer – we are so much more. We believe that your landscape can be art, and architectural landscaping can truly beautify and transform your property.

Here are a few of the unexpected items we expect to be gracing Sarasota and Tampa properties in 2020.

Sarasota landscape architecture

Floridians love to spend time outside, and we love to make our yards beautiful. But once you have a lush, green yard and your flowers are flourishing – what else can you add to really stand out and make your place special? The answer lies at one of our local showrooms, which are full of unique and eclectic architectural landscaping design pieces which are sure to turn heads and start conversations. What statement pieces will you add this year?

Fountains and Water Features: Made from river stone, basalt, or stone from the quarry, fountains turn architectural landscaping to a completely serene environment. Whether you opt for an abstract design, perfect for a modern or contemporary yard; a design which mimics natural elements for a rustic property; or a whimsical tiki totem pole for that tropical vibe – the calming sound of running water is always a welcome addition. Fountains work well in virtually any corner of the yard, or as a centerpiece in the garden.

Natural Furniture: Stone from the Euro-quarries is utilized to make some of the most beautiful, durable and naturally weather resistant backyard furniture that you will ever see. Whether to put on your front porch or for a spot to rest in the garden, pieces made from basalt, onyx and marble are great conversation starters and sure to add to the aesthetics of your property.

bird baths near me


Statuaries and Bird Baths: Classic designs add elegance to any backyard sanctuary, while attracting birds and small creatures to your garden. If you want the aesthetic but don’t want to risk insect breeding or pests, fill the birdbath with wildflowers or ferns, and create a unique showplace for seasonal blooms.

Rocks and Tiles: While every Florida homeowner understands the importance of mulch to keep roots cool and moist, as well as to prevent erosion – many are looking for aesthetic alternatives. The perfect answer may just be Santorini tiles, with their gleaming white finish and gorgeous look. Perhaps river rock is more your style, or maybe even tumbled glass pebbles in aquamarine tones. Express your individuality and make your garden stand out from the crowd in long-lasting style.

landscape monoliths

Boulders and Monoliths: Boulders and monoliths can serve as sentries at your driveway, or guideposts displaying your address. They add stability and strength to any area of landscaping, towering boldly above delicate flowers and among stately palm trees. In a world that has largely cleared away the rocks and stones, adding them back into your yard makes a statement few will miss. And they are beautiful as well.

What else can you find at Big Earth Landscape Supply? We have custom pottery to display all of your prized plants, whether indoors or out; and everything you need to create a flagstone pathway. No matter what you are looking for to add artistic flair to your yard and garden, it is a good bet you’ll be inspired by our stores. We invite you to browse any one of our 4 locations – Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton and Palmetto. Your new yard awaits!